STEEL Pumped AF Review: Will It Give You Crazy Muscle Pumps?

Today we will be reviewing one of the most known stimulant-free pre-workouts on the market called: Pumped AF by STEEL.

As you might already hear, I love trying out new workouts, and I am literally pumped to write this review.

Normally I like to take a pre-workout with high stimulants like Wrecked or Amped AF. However this is not always a good option, for example if you want to train late at night it could interfere with your sleep.

That's why I like to take products like Pumped AF, which will help me with getting a pump and kill my workout.

Let's find out in this STEEL Pumped AF review if it's really that good.

Steel Pumped AF Review

Pumped AF is a stimulant-free pre-workout designed by STEEL Supplements. They claim that it will help with increased muscle fullness which could lead to skin-bursting pumps and also enhanced endurance. 

It's a dietary supplement and contains a variety of ingredients which we will discuss later on in this review.

Pumped AF comes in a tube with powder and a scoop. There is a total of 30 servings per container and costs $1,66 per serving.

What can you expect in terms of effects?

Most stim-free pre-workouts are designed to give you the benefits of a real pre-workout without the stimulant effect.

The following effects are common:

  • Muscle Pumps
  • Muscle Fullness
  • Endurance
  • Recovery

Pumped AF Ingredients

The Pumped AF formula consists of 5 key ingredients listed below:

  • 220mg Sodium Chloride 
  • 2.5 grams HydroMax Glycerol Powder
  • 1 gram Agmatine Sulfate
  • 1 gram Beta Vulgaris Extract
  • 750mg Kre-Alkalyn

The total serving size is 9.5 grams per scoop. This is an average to a low amount, we have seen other brands with almost 22 grams per scoop.

It contains some nitric oxide boosters like Agmatine Sulfate and the Vulgaris Root extract. It also contains 750mg of Kre-Alkalyn, which is a patented version of creatine.

The formula is pretty basic, and in my opinion, they are missing some key ingredients like betaine anhydrous and BCAA's.

I personally love it when there is also a nootropic for focus added like Huperzine A, but that's also missing.

Steel Pumped AF Ingredients

My Personal Experience

Before I go into detail, it's good to know that I've tried Pumped-AF at least ten times now.  It's not that we only try it once; we always try to give every supplement a fair try.

This product is of course not a stimulant pre-workout so it will not give you that crazy energy or focus boost.

The things you want to look at are muscle pumps, endurance and muscle fulness.

After using it multiple times now I can really say that the effects were ‘average'.

The thing I noticed the most was probably the muscle pumps, however, I've had better success with other supplements.

When you compare the price vs the effects it's definitely not a product that I would pay $50 for.

How Does Pumped AF Compare To Others?

There are lots of different stimulant-free pre-workouts on the market. To name a few: Pump Serum, PreSeries Stim-Free, and Insane Veinz are all very popular.

When you look into the ingredient part, you will notice that Pumped AF has a total of 9,5 grams per serving.

Compared to other stim-free pre-workouts that serving size is on the low end:

  • Pump Serum – 15,7 gram per serving (25 servings)
  • Preseries Stim free – 21,4 gram per serving (30 servings)
  • Insane Veinz – 2.8 gram per serving (35 servings)

The prices are all very comparable, Pumped AF could be considered expensive since you're not getting a lot of ingredients.

In terms of effectiveness, I would say that Pump Serum or Preseries Stim-Free are better.

Final Words: Would I Recommend Pumped AF?

Pumped AF is a pre-workout without any stimulants, designed to give you muscle fullness and muscle pumps.

The ingredients are not that impressive and quite average, which is disappointed because their other pre-workout Amped AF is really stacked.

However, it's a great addition if you are looking for a pump product.

Compared to other stim-free pre-workouts it doesn't rank very good either. 

If you are looking for another stim-free pre-workout than I would recommend Pump Serum by HugeSupplements.

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