Steel Pre Workout Review: Will 1 Scoop Boost Energy & Focus?

Today, we're providing you with yet another exciting and in-depth review.

The product we are going to examine is called Pre by Steel Supplements.

It's their new pre-workout supplement, and since we love pre-workouts, we are excited to give it a try and share our experience with you.

We've previously reviewed a few products by Steel Supplements such as Shredded AF and Alpha AF, so we're keen on checking this new product.

According to the official site, PRE was formulated to be an intermediate pre-workout. Something that isn't too strong, but not weak either, it ranges somewhere in the middle.

Because they have a few other strong pre-workouts, it gives people the option to go for something weaker yet still useful.

Steel pre Workout

So, the Steel PRE is a lot milder than the other stuff they have. It does contain a few stimulants, but nothing too crazy. It's just enough to get you going.

The label says it's formulated with scientifically backed ingredients to optimize energy, endurance, focus, and mood.

STEEL Pre Effectiveness

As with all our pre-workout reviews, we test a product several times before giving our opinion. We've done the same thing with STEEL's PRE.

The first time, we tested one scoop on a near-empty stomach before working out. There was a slight rush in energy and focus, which disappeared rather quickly.

But, we have a high tolerance for stimulants and such, so we didn't notice as much. Then for our next session, we went ahead and took two scoops instead of one.

Steel pre workout effects

This worked a lot better for us. Double the ingredients increased our energy and focus a lot more than with just one scoop. With two scoops of the steel pre workout, we got in a nice training session.

But, the effects didn't last for that long, plus we were missing the pumps. When it comes to effectiveness, we rate the steel pre-workout a 7/10 for two scoops.

STEEL Pre Workout Ingredients

In the steel pre workout, you'll find plenty of different ingredients to help boost one's workout intensity. But, the dosages are relatively low compared to a lot of other products.

In one scoop of pre, some of the key ingredients and their dosages include…

  • 2000mg L-Citrulline
  • 1000mg Beta-Alanine
  • 375m Kre-Alkalyn
  • 250mg Beet Root Extract
  • 500mg L-Tyrosine
  • 300mg Lions Mane Extract
  • 175mg Caffeine Anhydrous

It looks like PRE was designed to be mild but still useful. Therefore, they haven't gone all out on dosages but rather keep them moderate and accessible for beginners.

When you keep this product's purpose in mind, we think it's a good and complete formula. But, stim junkies out there, don't expect too much from this.

Flavor And Price

Steel PRE is available in several different flavors, meaning that you'll probably like one out there. For our Steel pre workout review, we went and got ourselves a bottle of the peachy flavor.

We've tried plenty of products, and we can safely say that this product is one of the better tasting ones. We were able to chug it down without any issues.

As for the pricing, one bottle of PRE costs 30 bucks. One bottle has 30 servings. But, if you're taking two scoops each time, you'll only have 15 servings.

In our opinion, it's an average price for what you are getting. Personally, I like spending a bit more to get a stacked product.

Should You Try STEEL's Pre Workout?

We think STEEL did a good job of formulating a relatively mild yet effective pre-workout. We didn't feel that much from it because we're used to the more potent products.

Two scoops was more like it, but not exactly what we were hoping. Despite that, it still helped us get in a few nice workout sessions.

We found it stronger than products like Nitrosurge and Ape Shit.

People that are new to trying pre's should check this product out. I think experienced users are probably better off trying more powerful formulated products such as Wrecked.

Of course, they can also try this product. But, in our opinion, you should try two scoops of Steel Pre if you have a high tolerance.

The Final Verdict

The STEEL pre-workout is a solid supplement with several high-quality ingredients that can maximize focus, energy, and mood.

We think it's relatively mild in terms of strength, but it still delivers if you don't have a high tolerance. It's advised that new users take one scoop, and people with a bit more experience can consider two scoops.

Please keep in mind that this is our personal experience, and we aren't making any claims or recommendations.

We've also taken a look at their other powerful products, Amped AF and Pumped AF. If you have any experience with the Steel supplements product line, share your opinion down in the comments.

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