Static Labz 1’3 Volt Pre-Workout Review: Powerful DMAA Pre?

1'3 Volt Pre-Workout By Static Labz


Today, we're going to take a closer look at a well-known, potent DMAA pre-workout supplement. It's still a relatively new product, but it's said to be extremely powerful when it comes to enhancing workout intensity and more.

The product I'm talking about is 1'3 Volt by Static Labz.

We've tried these types of products in the past, but we never really bothered to find them once they got taken off the market. We have recently used Dark Energy, which is a similar product.

Static Labz 13 Volt Pre Workout

Whether we review a pre-workout, fat burner, or BCAA supplement, we always make sure to take a product several times to provide you with an accurate idea of our experience.

With 1'3 Volt, we've tried the product two times. Why only two times? Make sure to keep reading to find out.

Please note that the official brand's website claims that this product is not a dietary supplement and that it's only for lab use.

Does 1'3 Volt Contain DMAA?

Yes, Static Labz's 1'3 Volt pre-workout contains the banned stimulant dimethylamylamine (DMAA). If you are not familiar with it, it's an extremely potent stimulant banned and taken off the market several years ago.

We are only providing our experience with this product and do not recommend it under any circumstance. It's also found in products like Dark Energy.

Should You Use The 1'3 Volt Pre-Workout?

We've only tried this pre-workout twice as we've concluded it is just too much for our liking. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy using more potent products, but too much is simply too much for us. 

It contains vital ingredients that you'll find in many other products, but what really makes this strong is the DMAA. You see, there's a significant amount of DMAA combined with the caffeine in there. You are looking at 100mg 1'3 DMAA and 400mg of caffeine per scoop, and that's a lot.

As I mentioned, we've tried it just twice. It got us in the zone, and it's nice for a quick rush of energy, but halfway through our workout, we crashed hard. 

I hate when a pre-workout crashes your energy and performance when you've not finished training yet. It happened to both of us and left us unproductive and tired.

With that said, the first 45 minutes on it were great, and we had good energy. You might experience this differently as everybody has a different sensitivity to these products.

If you're a fan of DMAA pre-workout supplements, you can consider picking up this one. Make sure to head over to our top 10 PWO's to check out what products really got us in the zone.

1'3 Volt Pre-Workout Price & Flavors

The official Static Labz website has 1'3 Volt for sale at $59,99 per tub of 25 servings. So, that means you're paying roughly $2.4 per serving of one scoop.

That makes 1'3 Volt an extremely expensive pre-workout. Actually, we've never seen such a pricey one – most are roughly $1,5 per serving.

That means you'll have to decide for yourself if you want to drop 60 bucks on this product. If you're looking to get a better bang for your buck, check out our top 10 pre-workout supplements.

As for flavors, 1'3 Volt is available in 5 different ones. We've only tried the Electric pop, which was alright. We don't have any issues with chugging these products anyway – we want them to be effective.

The Bottom Line

Static Labz has put together a potent DMAA pre-workout on the market with 1'3 Volt. It contains staple ingredients mixed with the mighty and banned compound 1,3-dimethylamylamine.

The SupplementsReviewer team tried it, and even though it gave us an insane and rapid rush of energy, that didn't last for long, and we experienced a crash.

Perhaps your tolerance is different, and you can enjoy this product for a solid workout session. Right now, it's available for $59.99 per 25 servings on the official site.

Have you used 1'3 Volt by Static Labz? Let us know in the comments!

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