SizeOn Review: Does This Intra-Workout Build Size & Strength?

Today we're going to review SizeOn by Gaspari Nutrition. We had to review this one since it has a 68-gram serving size, which is pretty significant if you compare it to others.

SizeOn is said to help ‘maximize performance' either in and outside the gym. It should help with increasing lifting heavy weights but also enhance muscle recovery.

It's designed by Gaspari Nutrition which is known to create cutting-edge supplements like SuperPump Max.

However, today we'rere going to review SizeOn and find out if it really has the potential to improve performance.

SizeOn Review

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What Is SizeOn?


SizeOn is a supplement with a couple of different uses. Its main function is to optimize muscle recovery and fuel your workout so that you can either lift more weights or lift heavier weights.

SizeOn is often said to be an Intra-Workout supplement since you need to drink it while you re working out. 

On the main website, they claim that SizeOn can do the following things:

  • Speed up protein synthesis
  • Increase muscle recovery
  • mTOR activation (for muscle growth)
  • Nutrient partitioner
  • Increase strength and power output

The things they claim are pretty standard with a lot of intra workout supplements since it's designed to fuel your workout to literally optimize muscle growth.

We will truly see how good this supplement is when we take a look at the ingredient and the dosage amount. Make sure to keep reading.

SizeOn Ingredients & Formula Explained

There are lots of different ingredients in this product, so we will not discuss them one by one. But, we will show you the highlights and what these ingredients actually do.

As you might already know, we like to educate our readers on reading the labels before buying supplements. We've seen too many supplements with underdosed ingredients claiming to be the best.

The first thing we noticed is that they are using a proprietary blend, so we were unable to find out what the dosage is of each ingredient. But, we will do our best to find out!

The SizeOn Formula is divided into the following blends:

  • Carbohydrate Energy Matrix
    Trehalose, Dextrose, Cyclic Dextrin and Pterostilbene
  • Protein Synthesis Acceleration Matrix
    Whey Protein, L-Leucine (4grams), L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine
  • Phosphodrive Endurance Complex
    Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine MagnaPower, Disodium Creatine Phosphate
  • Osmodrive Advanced Hydration Complex
    L-Taurine, Sodium Glycerophosphate, Calcium, Potassium, Sustamine, and Magnesium.

The total blend is 63 grams, and that sounds like a large dose, but 40 grams are carbs from either dextrose or trehalose which is a different form of dextrose.

The carbohydrate matrix consists of mostly dextrose which is a fast-acting sugar. This will help you with filling up with glycogen which helps with repairing but also muscle pumps.

Since it also contains 7 grams of protein per scoop, we can probably say that it contains 5-7 grams of whey protein per dosage, which is not a lot but it's a nice addition.

They also added BCAA's with a total of 4 grams L-Leucine. Which has been known to increase protein synthesis by inhibiting mTOR(1).

They also added three different types of creatine, but mostly the monohydrate version. On the website, they mentioned that the total amount of creatine is 5 grams. Which is a very respectable amount.

Creatine will definitely help you with strength and endurance(2).Sizeon ingredients and blend

Last but not least, they added a hydration complex consisting of amino acids and minerals. This complex will help you with keeping your muscles hydrating so that you can keep on going longer.

The complex consists of essential electrolytes that will balance your body with water which will beneficial for your endurance.

The formula they've put together looks very solid and will for sure help you out maximizing your gains. 

The only thing we would like to mention is that it used 40 grams of dextrose as their carbohydrate source and it's a total of 190 calories per scoop, which can add up if you're currently dieting down. 

Our Experience with SizeOn

When reviewing supplements, we always like to test the products ourselves. So we tried SizeOn at least 4-5 times now, and we experienced the following effects while using it.

Increased Endurance

We noticed an increase in energy and power while working out. It kicked in extremely fast, which is probably due to the fast-acting carbs they added.

Power Output

We really remarked an increase in the number of weights we could push. I would say that it added an easy 5-10 lbs on the bench press.


The days after working out we noticed an improvement in muscle recovery. When it normally took a couple of days to recover fully, we know noticed an increased recovery rate. 

We absolutely enjoyed using it to fuel our workouts. It's a perfect product that will give you all the nutrition you need to perform in your best way possible.

It has similar effects as Formula XII by Huge Nutrition, which is placed as number one on our top 10 best intra workout supplements list.

However, we prefer using Formula XII because it gave us better results and has an even more stacked label.

Price & Taste

A bottle of SizeOn costs $52.79 and will give you 24 scoops making it $2,20 per serving. It's not a cheap product, but it definitely contains unique ingredients to improve your workout. It can also be used as a stim-free pre or post-workout supplement.

SizeOne currently comes in four(4) different flavors. It's definitely not the best tasting product, but it's also not meant to taste good.

Tip: Make sure to shake before drinking because lots of ingredients can get stuck at the bottom.

To Conclude

SizeOn is a very stacked intra-workout supplement that can be used to improve your workouts by increasing strength and power. It contains all the vital ingredients needed to get your workout performance to the next level.

However, there's a high amount of cheap carbohydrate sources added, mainly dextrose. Similar products like to include quality carbohydrate sources which will help you more in the long run.

Nonetheless, it's a great product but a bit pricey. If you do not mind spending an extra buck, you should definitely give it a shot. 

Would we recommend using SizeOn? Yes, we do! We personally like to use Formula XII by more since it's even more stacked.

SizeOn - Maximize Performance
SizeOn Review

Product Name: SizeOn

Product Description: SizeOn is a combination of an intra and whey protein supplement by Gaspari Nutrition.

Brand: Gaspari Nutrition

Offer price: 52,79

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

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  • Strength
  • Taste
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