Scivation Xtend BCAA Review: Ingredients, Studies, Comparison

Today's review is about one of the most known BCAA supplements on the market: XTEND BCAA by Scivation.

Xtend ranks currently place 2 on our best bcaa supplement list of 2020, just below HUGE BCAA.

What makes this supplement so special and popular? 

Well, today we are going to find out in this in-depth review on Xtend BCAA. We will show you everything you need to know and why you should try it out!

Scivation Xtend BCAA Review

What Is Xtend BCAA?


Xtend BCAA's is a dietary supplement that contains branch chained amino acids and could help with muscle recovery, growth, and enhanced performance while working out.

Xtend has been on the market for quite some time now. They first started out with just the BCAA's, but now they also have pre-workouts, whey protein, and more.

They currently have more than 15 different flavors of their BCAA product, which really sets them apart from the competition.

You can pick up a tub of Xtend BCAA Original for $24,99, which gives you 30 servings. One serving will costs you $0,83.

They also sell Xtend BCAA in 50 and 90 servings tubs, which could be helpful for people that are looking to take it for a more extended period of time.

Formula & Ingredients

So, let's take a look at the ingredients and how they put the formula together. 

They seem to market their products with 7 grams of BCAA's + an added electrolyte blend.

From the supplement facts on the product, we can conclude that their formula consists of:

  • 3500mg L-LeucineXtend BCAA Original Ingredients
  • 2500mg L-Glutamine
  • 1750mg L-Isoleucine
  • 1750mg L-Valine
  • 1140mg Electrolyte Blend 
  • 1000mg Citrulline Malate
  • 640 mcg Vitamin B6
  • 220mg Sodium
  • 190mg Potassium

They indeed added 7 grams of BCAA's and also 2.5 grams of L-Glutamine, which is a great addition.

They also added Citrulline Malate at 1000mg, which is added for extra muscle pumps due to its nitric oxide boosting effects.

However, 1000mg is on the very low end and doesn't have any effects at all. You would need to have at least 5 grams to feel some effects.

BCAA's are known for multiple reasons. Supplementing BCAA's could help with the increase in muscle mass by increasing protein synthesis. 

A study showed that after taking 5.6 grams of BCAA's right after their workout, it increased 22% in protein synthesis.

BCAA's are also known for being helpful with muscle recovery and reduced soreness after training.

While one scoop gets you 7 grams of BCAA's, the recommended dosage for either recovery and muscle gains is between 10-15 grams for men and between 5-10 for women.

You would need to use two scoops of Xtend BCAA to get the recommended dose of daily BCAA's.

Xtend does have a relatively high dose of BCAA's compared to other popular BCAA supplements.

Xtend BCAA Original Flavors

How Does Xtend BCAA Compare To Others?

If we compare Xtend BCAA to some of the most popular BCAA supplements like Huge Nutrition BCAA's or BSN Amino x. You will notice that they both have more active ingredients per scoop.

The difference isn't that much, but definitely, something to consider when looking for a good BCAA Supplement.

Nonetheless, Xtend BCAA does score better than a lot of BCAA supplements from well-known companies like Redcon1, EVL, or Optimum.

Our Opinion On Xtend BCAA

While we are fans of the looks and taste, we think they over market the effects of their products.

They claim that you get stronger, faster, bigger with using just their Xtend BCAA product. 

Well, this is never going to happen. While BCAA's have their place as a good bodybuilding supplement, they claim that it's the next big thing.

The only things they sell are BCAA's and some electrolytes. They haven't added anything else to the formula that makes you bigger overnight.

Xtend BCAA is a perfect supplement if you're looking for ‘something' extra and a refreshing drink in the gym. But it will not make you the next Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler.


Xtend BCAA's come in many flavors and serving sizes, which you do not see very often. The ingredients and formula are well put together. 

Compared to other BCAA supplements, Xtend BCAA is considered cheap and, therefore, a perfect option.

There are more potent formula's available like the BCAA product from Huge Nutrition; however, you could consider Xtend BCAA a cheaper option.

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