Sapogenix Review – The Most Powerful Natural Muscle Builder?

We've tried countless muscle building supplements, and most of them ended up being a massive disappointment due to the weak product formula.

That is why we mostly stick to reviewing pre-workout supplements, fat burners, and BCAA supplements.

But, there's a product that has caught our attention, and we figured we'd give it one last shot.

We're talking about Sapogenix by Huge Nutrition – a new potent muscle-building supplement with anabolic effects.

You guys wanted our opinion on this, so we went ahead and tried it for one month. Let's show you whether or not it's worth giving a shot.

What Is Sapogenix?


Sapogenix is a muscle-building supplement sold by Huge Nutrition. It's a new product that has hit the market, and Huge Nutrition is one of the very few companies with the exclusive rights to this formula.

It contains a combination of potent plant saponins, which are said to have anabolic-like effects. We've never seen a bodybuilding supplement that combines several steroidal plant saponins, except for laxogenin, which worked great for us.

This unique ingredient combination helps deliver extreme mass gains, supercharge recovery, and increase strength.

Sapogenix Review

Sapogenix is also powered by cyclosome delivery, meaning it's absorbed extremely fast by your body. This absorption technology is also seen with compounds such as 1-Andro.

What Can You Expect From Sapogenix?

This is where things start to get interesting. As I mentioned at the start of this article, I bought a one month's supply of Sapogenix (one bottle) to try out myself.

I wanted to see if it's as good as other users say it is. I added Sapogenix to my routine at two tablets per day while in a caloric surplus and training 3 to 4 times a week.

It took a while for the effects to kick in, at least five days for me. But man, when it started working, that's when the gains started coming.

My strength went through the roof, and my muscles started to appear a lot fuller and harder. After about a week or two, I could tell I had already gained a significant amount of size.

During my 4-week cycle with Sapogenix, I managed to gain roughly 8lbs of lean muscle mass. I can't even begin to imagine how much you're able to gain when you get yourself 2 or 3 bottles.

Keep in mind, I had my diet and training nailed down, which is extremely important.

Sapogenix Results

With that said, it's still a highly potent product if you're looking for quick size and strength gains.

I'll be honest; I do regret not buying an additional bottle or two and running it for longer.

But, I'll definitely be trying another cycle of Sapogenix soon, but it's going to be an 8-week or 12-week cycle since it's safe to do so.

Does It Have Side Effects?

Now, you're obviously going to want to know whether or not this product has side effects.

Well, I have some excellent news – Sapogenix should not be causing any side effects; it also doesn't require post cycle therapy or cycle support.

I also didn't experience any negatives during the 4-week cycle and have yet to find any adverse reports regarding this product's usage.

We do advise sticking to the dosage guidelines, which means two tablets per day – no more.

Where Can You Buy Sapogenix?

Sapogenix is only available from the official HugeSupplements site. It's going for $99.95 per bottle, which is enough for a 4-week cycle.

You can visit the official product page by clicking here.

It's expensive, but when you consider the fact that it's a superior muscle-builder, it's worth every penny.

I found it to be better than the andro compounds, which are even more expensive than this.

The Bottom Line

After trying out Sapogenix for 4-weeks, it's safe to say that it's an excellent and potent supplement for muscle and strength gains.

After four weeks of using it, I've managed to gain 8lbs. That is far more compared to other stuff I've tried.

It also doesn't have any side effects since it only contains natural steroidal saponins. This means you can simply run a cycle and discontinue usage after.

We're going to give this product another try as we will be doing an 8-week Sapogenix cycle and will update this article with the results. We will also be stacking it with Huge Ecdysterone.

If you've used Huge Nutrition's Sapogenix, make sure to leave your experience down in the comments.

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