RYSE Pump Capsules Review: 4 Capsules For Crazy Pumps?

I love chasing the pump when I'm training. I think we can all agree on pumps being a crucial factor in good workouts.

Many supplements out on the market have been designed to help get more blood and nutrients to your muscles, giving you a greater pump.

Today, we're taking a closer look at one of those supplements – RYSE pump capsules.

They've been getting a lot of attention on social media platforms, and after just reviewing RYSE's Blackout, we had to give these a try too.

My Ryse Pump Capsules Experience


We're starting this review by taking you through my experience with these RYSE pump capsules. Of course, most of you will want to know how much of an impact these will have on pumps in the gym.

I took these on multiple occasions, every time about 30 to 45 minutes before arriving at the gym. The serving is four capsules, which I can down pretty easily. 

Ryse pump capsules

Remember, capsules take a bit longer to get absorbed by your body rather than a powdered product. That means you're going to want to take them well in advance.

In The Gym

Once you've taken them, you won't notice any increases in energy or focus because that's not what they're mean to do. 

Nitric oxide boosters (pump pills) like these are designed solely to help increase nitric oxide and getting more blood and other nutrients to the muscles you're training.

So once I started my first exercise, that's when RYSE Pump capsules began doing their job. After a few sets, I could feel more blood and oxygen getting pumped to my muscles.

My muscles were looking fuller, and I was more vascular. For me, having a good pump impacts my workouts massively because I love the feeling.

This lasted for nearly my entire workout; the effects decreased after a little longer than an hour. The pumps were solid, but I didn't experience anything that blew me away, unfortunately.

Don't get me wrong; they weren't bad. I've just had better pumps in the past.

There isn't much more to say about my experience with these pump capsules, really. They work, but I found them to be nothing special.

Keep in mind that the formula contains just three ingredients.

What would I rate the RYSE Pump capsules based on how they've performed for me?

I would say a 7.0/10. 

Let's move onto the formula and go over each of the ingredients in this product. That's going to help you understand the effectiveness of RYSE pump capsules.

Ryse Pump Capsules Ingredients

Many of you will wonder what kind of ingredients the RYSE pump capsules contain.

That's why we're going to break down each ingredient individually found in this formula. That'll help you understand what kind of effects they give and why they've been added.

Let's check out the first ingredient!

Citrulline Peptides – 1500MG

Citrulline peptides, a combination of L-Citrulline and Whey peptides, work by increasing vasodilation. The peptides help improve the bioavailability of amino acids such as Citrulline.

You don't see citrulline peptides too often, as most companies use regular l-citrulline or citrulline malate.

RYSE pump capsules contain 1.5 grams (1500mg) of citrulline peptides, which is a moderate and effective dosage.

Betaine Nitrates – 1000MG

The second ingredient found in this formula is Betaine Nitrates, known as NO3-T. This compound is simply a combination of Betaine and Nitrates.

We researched this compound, and it's said that 1 gram of Betaine Nitrates equals roughly 650mg Betaine and 350mg of Nitrates.

The betaine is dosed relatively low, so that's not going to do much. But, nitrates are dosed excellent for increasing nitric oxide (blood flow).

That means this compound also helps you emphasize muscle pumps.

Vasodrive AP – 255mg

The final ingredient in these ryse pump capsules is Vasodrive AP, a casein-derived lactotripeptide. Many of you will be familiar with this patented ingredient, as some of the most popular pump formulas include it.

Just as with the other ingredients found in this formula, it works by boosting your nitric oxide levels. I'm a big fan of Vasodrive-AP, as I find it a key ingredient for pumps.

At 255mg per serving, it's clinically dosed, meaning it will work optimally.

In total, the formula uses 2755mg (2.75 grams) of active and reliable ingredients.

We would've loved to have seen some additional compounds, as there's only a total of 3 ingredients in there.

Our Favorite Pump Pills

We've tried many nitric oxide boosters (pump pills) over the past few years.

We've even put together a top 10 best nitric oxide boosters page, where we show you the best and most stacked pump pills currently available on the market.

If you want our recommendation for crazy, skin-tearing pumps, then we've got just the product.

I'm talking about Magnify by Huge Nutrition.

Magnify is by far the most potent pump pills we've ever come across. Each serving is 6 capsules and consists of 7 different nitric oxide booster ingredients.

It holds 4.36 grams of active ingredients. Compare that to a product like Ryse pump capsules, and you'll see that you're getting a lot more value.

Stacking these N.O. boosters with a pre workout will boost your workout performance even further, give it a shot.

My Final Thoughts On Ryse Pump Capsules

RYSE pump capsules make chasing the pump easier, and I'm glad I gave them a fair shot. After trying them multiple times, I rate this product a 7.0/10.

That means they're definitely not the best I've ever used, but they're a solid option.

Again, this is my personal experience and opinion – it might be completely different for you.

If you want to give the RYSE pump capsules a shot, you can pick them up from the official RYSE website. One container holds 30 servings (120 capsules) and costs $34.99.

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