RSP Quadralean Review: Can This Thermogenic Increase Fat Loss?

When it's time to cut and lose that stubborn body fat, things can get quite challenging, to say the least.

That's why some of you are probably looking at taking a fat burner to help you speed up the process to reach your goals faster.

In today's review, we will be looking at one of those products. I'm talking about RSP Quadralean, a thermogenic fat burner.

Is this supplement worth looking into if you're looking to maximize fat loss? We're going to tell you all about it, make sure to keep reading.

What Is RSP Quadralean?


First, it's essential to understand what this product is and what it's designed to do. Quadralean by RSP is a thermogenic fat burner that can be used by both men and women.

So the question is, is Quadralean a good thermogenic fat burner? That we are going to find out very soon, but let me explain exactly what a thermogenic is.

A thermogenic fat burner is different from your regular fat burner. Thermogenics contain unique ingredients to help increase thermogenesis, which basically means that they heat your body.

When the temperature of your body rises, you will start to burn more calories.

RSP Quadralean review

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Helping your body burn more calories by increasing its temperature – sounds pretty great, right? For that to happen, the product will require a good combination of ingredients.

Yep, you've already guessed it – we're going to check out exactly which ingredients this product contains and if they're useful for burning those fat cells.

Quadralean ingredients & Dosage

By far, the most important aspect of these kinds of products is the ingredients. A properly formulated fat burner will help significantly, whereas a poorly formulated product won't do much except drain your wallet.

Let's check out the supplement facts below.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid Powder 500mg
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate 500mg
  • Natural Caffeine 200mg
  • Choline Bitartrate 300mg
  • Alpha GPC 50% 50mg
  • Grains Of Paradise (Paraxodine) 25mg
  • Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract 25mg

Quadralean consists of 7 different ingredients. As somebody that has tested and reviewed quite a few different fat burners, I would say that this formula is pretty reliable. I mean, there are quite a few ingredients in there that have been shown promising effects in clinical studies.

Ingredients like L-Carnitine and Cayenne Pepper are really good because they've been proven to work when it comes to weight loss and improving metabolic health.

But, I personally find some of the dosages to be relatively low. I think they could have made it more effective if they would have increased some of the dosages.

Our to-go fat burner, Eliminate, contains 13 ingredients at massive dosages to maximize fat loss to give you an idea. 

So make sure to check out the alternatives on the market because you're obviously going to want to get the best bang for your buck.

As for the dosage of this product, it's advised to take 3 capsules per day. I would recommend taking these capsules either in the morning with a meal or pre-workout if you train early on the day.

Since this product contains a moderate amount of caffeine, I wouldn't advise taking it later on the day. The reason for this is that you might experience problems with sleeping.

New to using fat burners? Make sure to assess your tolerance safely by taking just one capsule of Quadralean. From there, you can gradually build up to the recommended dosage of 3 capsules.

Will Quadralean Cause Side Effects?

Quadralean has been tested and GMP certified. It shouldn't cause side effects in healthy individuals. But as we've previously mentioned, if your tolerance is low, you might experience slight nausea or anxiety due to the caffeine. That's why we advise new users to start with one capsule.

And because it contains caffeine, you'll have to make sure you don't get in a lot more from other sources such as pre-workout supplements or coffee.

We would also like to add that if you have a medical condition, make sure to discuss using supplements with your physician.

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Does Quadralean Work For Burning Fat?

There are some good ingredients in Quadralean. Some of the ingredients have promising scientific data behind them, which means they're quality compounds.

Most of you are probably wondering if it is going to help you lose fat quicker? Possibly, but don't expect any miracles from supplements. You should see them more as a little extra boost.

That's really all we can say; you'll have to try it out for yourself to see if you like it. It's important to know that fat burners can help significantly, but they're no magic pill.

You'll still have to track your calories, eat right, and get plenty of exercise if you want everything to go smoothly. And that's going to require dedication.

If you want our opinions on which product works well for burning fat, check out our top 10 fat burner supplements. It features a product called Eliminate, which we've found to be superior to other fat burning supplements because it contains so many clinically dosed ingredients.

Final Thoughts

We've shared with you our thoughts on RSP's Quadralean thermogenic fat burner. In our opinion, the company behind it has done a solid job of formulating this product to help users accelerate weight loss.

Is it going to be a game-changer for your weight loss progress? Probably not, but it's definitely going to help, and that is what matters. The most important thing when it comes to dieting down is that you stay consistent.

When we're cutting and losing body fat, our preference goes out to a different and more potent product called Eliminate. We found Eliminate to be extremely useful for boosting energy, suppressing appetite, and burning fat.

Have you used the Quadralean thermogenic, and has it helped you reach your weight loss goals? Let us know in the comments about how this product has worked for you or if you have any questions.

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