Redcon1 Moab Review: Will It Supercharge Muscle Growth?

In today's article, we're going to review MOAB by Redcon1. The company promotes it as a promising muscle-building supplement.

Will this supplement really help accelerate muscle growth? We're going to take a closer look at the product's formulation and show you our opinion.

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Let's kick off this review.

What Is MOAB By Redcon1?


MOAB (Mother of all builders) by Redcon1 is a natural muscle-building supplement.

On the official site, they claim that it's a natural anabolic compound that accelerates muscle growth.

One bottle of Redcon1's MOAB costs $64.99. One bottle will last you for thirty days (30 servings).  

This is considered to be relatively expensive, but if it'll help you boost gains naturally, it's worth it

Redcon1 Moab Review

This supplement company is quite popular and has many different types of products.

We've reviewed Total War before, so we're excited to see how this product was formulated and what it has to offer.

Time for us to look into the ingredients found in this supplement.

The Formula Behind MOAB

Now, the most interesting part – the ingredients. As you can see below, a serving of Redcon1's MOAB is 7 grams in total.

You're probably aware of the fact that the ingredients are crucial in a product like this.

If it doesn't contain any effective elements, it's not going to work. It's as simple as that.

Moab By Redcon1

I think that the most promising ingredients in this supplement are:

  • HMB
  • Epicatechin
  • HICA

Of course, the addition of Vitamin D3 is nice since it can boost testosterone.

But, HMB, Epicatechin, and HICA are great compounds that could increase your performance.

Each of them has its own set of benefits that can assist you. HMB is anti-catabolic, meaning it slows down the breakdown of protein. This, in return, helps you with size and strength.

It can also help with increasing nitric oxide, which results in better muscle pumps.

All in all, it was formulated correctly to function as a natural muscle builder. It could've had some more ingredients in there, but it does the job.

Check out our review on Annihilate as well, it's a supplement that contains Laxogenin.

Is Redcon1 MOAB Safe?

This product might help you make some gains, but what's even more important is the question…

Is MOAB by Redcon1 Safe?

Yes, it is, as long as you carefully follow the dosage guidelines.

It's also good to know that it doesn't contain any dangerous ingredients. Most of them are natural, meaning they won't do any harm.

Take epicatechin; for example, it's found in sources such as green tea extract and dark chocolate.

You can also safely stack it with other supplements such as a fat burner or pre-workout. Read our review on Big Noise here.

Would We Recommend MOAB?

In my opinion, MOAB by Redcon1 is a decent supplement for building size naturally.

It has a few interesting ingredients, such as Epicatechin and HMB, in particular. 

Many users claim that these ingredients are good for building mass, as we've also experienced ourselves.

If you're a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, it's worth giving it a shot.

But, if you want some serious size and strength gains, we recommend taking a look at Sapogenix by Huge Nutrition.

One 30-day cycle of Sapogenix made me gain nearly 6lbs of muscle mass. I'll be running a 60-day cycle soon and can't wait for the gains.

So, if you're looking for something stronger, head over to the HugeSupplements site and check it out. We found it to be even better than 1-Andro.


MOAB is a pretty good product that was created to help athletes boost strength, mass, and recovery.

It's quite pricey at $64,99 per bottle, but it might be worth it if you want to try and increase size.

Most users are satisfied with the results they've gotten with it. It also doesn't cause any type of side effects and is entirely safe.

We are convinced that Sapogenix is a stronger and more effective alternative to MOAB.

Those of you that have tried this Redcon1 product share your review & experience in the comments.

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