Prime Labs Prime Test Review: Mind-Blowing 30-Day Experience

Those of you that have been searching for natural yet effective methods to boost your hormones have probably stumbled upon testosterone booster supplements.

Today we're presenting you with our personal experience of a popular testosterone booster called Prime Test by Prime Labs.

Is this the product you've been searching for, or are there better alternatives on the market? We're going to reveal it all; make sure to keep reading.

Prime Test by Prime Labs


The product in today's review is called Prime Test, developed by a company called Prime Labs.

Those of you who have come across it has probably found it on Amazon, as it's quite popular on that site with thousands of reviews.

Prime Test Prime Labs Review

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When taking a glance at the reviews, it seems to be a pretty good product. But, we're always skeptical when it comes to reviews.

But the real question is, is it as good as the reviews claim it to be? To find out, we went ahead and tried it out for one full month.

Before we share our 1-month experience with Prime Test, let's take a closer look at the ingredients found in this testosterone booster.

Prime Test Ingredients

It's essential to pay attention to the ingredients found in a certain supplement, especially with testosterone boosters.

Why are the ingredients so important?

Because in order to get that boost in hormones, you need quality, effective, and science-backed ingredients.

Let us take a closer look at Prime Test's ingredients to see what this product is capable of. Check the image below to see the supplement facts.

Prime Test ingredients

Our first impression when looking at Prime Test's ingredients wasn't overly optimistic. The reason for this is that the ingredients have been classified together as a T Booster Proprietary Blend.

This means that they don't tell you how much each product was added; it just tells you the total amount of everything combined.

Knowing the dosages is crucial because you'll know whether it contains a sufficient amount to actually benefit from it.

So that's something you won't know when taking Prime Test, which we found to be a massive negative.

But when we look at the ingredients without the whole proprietary blend thing, they're good and quality ingredients. You'll find several staple ingredients in there, such as Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto Extract, and Boron.

Those are the type of ingredients that could help the body stimulate testosterone production.

Our Experience With Prime Test

Before releasing a review on a supplement, we always extensively test the product in question. Learn more about us if you want to know what criteria we look at when reviewing products.

Especially with testosterone booster supplements, it is important to test the product for more extended periods.

That is why we've chosen to use a full bottle of Prime Test (30 days) before writing this review and sharing our experience.

We have only just finished the bottle last week, meaning that we've taken two capsules of Prime Test each day for the past month.

The first two weeks, we hadn't noticed any effects whatsoever. It took quite some time for it to start working for us.

At the beginning of the third week of taking it, we could feel some slight effects. I would say the most mentionable effects we experienced were improved mood and some more energy.

Many of you will want to know if this product helps build muscle mass, but we can't really comment on that since we didn't experience it at all.

Perhaps it has to run for more extended periods, we don't know, but we didn't gain any extra muscle after a month of using it.

I'll be honest; it didn't really deliver the results we had been hoping for. When we take everything into consideration, ranging from ingredients, price to our personal experience, we give Prime Test a 6.5/10.

Don't get me wrong; I think it's a pretty good product. We just didn't find it to live up to the hype.

What Do We Think Of Prime Test?

We've tried many testosterone booster supplements throughout the years, and I find that this product is quite average in terms of effects and ingredients.

Halfway through our bottle, we managed to see some effects, some slight increases in stamina and mood. But it was nothing spectacular, which we found quite disappointing as we've read good things.

But then again, it's a relatively cheap product compared to the alternatives. This is just our personal experience and opinion; the effects could be better for you.

You'll have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to try Prime Test.

I'm convinced that there are better alternatives out there; head over to our top 10 best testosterone booster supplements to learn about the most potent products.


Prime Test might be one of the most featured testosterone boosters on platforms such as Amazon, but it didn't live up to the hype for us.

We think it considers a good set of high-quality ingredients, but we didn't like the fact that the ingredients have been combined into a proprietary blend.

We want to know exactly how much we're taking, because that helps determine a supplement's effectiveness.

With that said, we're glad we ended up trying this product so that we're able to share our thoughts and experience with those of you interested in this product.

Have you tried this testosterone booster? Share your thoughts, experience, and criticism in the comments.

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