Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review: 1 Scoop And This Happened

Nitrosurge is a very well known pre-workout and comes in 3 different versions.

The company behind it is called Jacked Factory and they launched a Nitrosurge Fat burner, Pump product, and Stim Pre Workout.

We bought a bottle of the Nitrosurge Pre Workout (with stimulants) and put it to the test.

In this Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review, we will be showing you everything you need to know and our personal experience.

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What is Nitrosurge?


Nitrosurge is a pre-workout supplement designed and distributed by Jacked Factory. They claim that it will give you endless energy, focus, increase strength, power, and pumps.

Like many pre-workouts, the ingredients consist of stimulants, nitric oxide boosters, and amino acids.

Jacked Factory released three different versions:

  • Nitrosurge Pre-Workout Powder;
  • Nitrosurge Shred Pre-Workout Fat burner;
  • Nitrosurge Black-Pre-Workout with Dynamine and TeaCrine

In this review, we will only be discussing the Pre-workout powder version. The other versions are almost the same in terms of ingredients; however, they promote them differently.

What Can You Expect From Nitrosurge?

First of all, we are going to show you what you can expect when using Nitrosurge. 

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Review

On the official Jacked Factory website, they claim that this pre-workout is able to give you energy, strength, power, and pumps.

They mentioned that all ingredients have been scientifically dosed to give you the best effects of everything that is inside Nitrosurge.

These claims are pretty common and you see them a lot on the best pre workouts on the market. 

The most important thing you need to look at is the ingredients. That's where you can really find out if it's a good product or if they cheaped out on ingredients.

However, Nitrosurge looks very promising, and if they truly have added scientifically dosed ingredients you could expect to get some real energy, focus, and pump effects.

Nitrosurge Pre Workout Ingredients

Nitrosurge contains a total of 9,5 grams per serving, and in total, you get 30 servings, meaning you will receive 285 grams a bottle. 

Compared to others, that's on the low end. However, the average cost per serving comes down to $0,85, which is very solid.

Below you will find the highlights of the ingredients:

  • 3 grams L-Citrulline 
  • 1.6-gram Beta-Alanine
  • 1.25-gram Betaine Anhydrous
  • 180mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 90mg L-Theanine
  • 50mg Theobromine
  • 25mg AstraGin
  • 25mg Hordenine HCL

So in total Nitrosurge has 7 key ingredients and 1 absorption ingredient(AstraGin), which is added to get a better absorption rate.

Nitrosurge pre workout ingredients

At first sight, the formula looks pretty basic and standard. You could compare the formula to the Bucked Up pre-workout, which contains 10,6 grams per serving.

It contains L-Citrulline, which is a very well known and studied ingredient that will boost your nitric oxide. Most studies at least used a dosage of 4 grams, so 3 gram is on the low end.

Most ingredients are considered as a stimulant and will give you a boost in energy, like caffeine, Theobromine, and Hordenine.

The stimulants are also a bit on the low end, but, it will probably give you a good bit of energy if you are not familiar with stimulants.

Overall, the product has the key ingredients and seems to be more of a product that is for beginners. So, if you never tried out a pre-workout, Nitrosurge would be a great starter.

For someone like me that is looking for a product that really will give me a good kick, I would recommend Wrecked.

Will Nitrosurge Pre Workout Cause Side Effects?

Pre-workouts are overall very well tolerated, expect the pre-workouts with very high stimulants or even designer drugs.

The good thing is Nitrosurge contains 100% legal ingredients that are all approved by the FDA. 

There are quite some stimulants added, so if you are someone that is not familiar with using caffeine I would suggest starting with half of a scoop.

I've searched the internet for any negative effects but couldn't find any that was worth mentioning.

Taste & Price

I've personally only tested the Fruit Punch version. The powder resolved very quickly and good in a shaker. 

I didn't like the taste, it reminded me of a pre-workout called NoxiPro and that wasn't the best experience for me.

On the website, there are at least 9 different flavors so there probably is a flavor that you like.

I would rate the taste 5/10.

The price seems to be very good at first sight. I mean on the website they sell it for $25,50 which comes down to $0,85 per scoop.

However, some people would require 2 scoops to get the same effect as 1 scoop of Dark Energy or Amped AF.


We are thrilled that we ended up trying Nitrosurge. It was always a pre-workout high on our list.

After trying it several times, we've concluded that in our viewpoint, Nitrosurge pre-workout is pretty standard, and we give it a 6.5/10.

This pre-workout would be excellent for new users since it has mild stimulants. Pricewise, it's also a very good pick.

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