Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Review: 100% Natural Formula?

In today's review, we will be discussing a pre-workout called Legion Pulse. It's said to be a 100% natural pre-workout and is designed and distributed by Legion Athletics.

We will put Legion Pulse to the test and find out if it's 100% natural, the possible effects and if you should buy it.

This pre-workout is one of the most asked products to be reviewed on SupplementsReviewer, so we delivered!

What Is Legion Pulse?


Legion Pulse is a supplement that is used before your workout to boost performance by giving extra energy, strength, and blood flow. It contains multiple ingredients, such as caffeine and L-Citrulline. 

Legion Pulse pre-workout Review
NEW 2020 Packaging
Legion Pulse old packaging
OLD Packaging

Its primary functions are to boost energy, mood, and strength. This is possibly due to the blood flow enhancing effects, but also the stimulants added. We have reviewed many pre-workouts in the past, and we know what they can do. However, how effective is Legion Pulse?

They seem to promote Legion Pulse as a 100% natural supplement. However, this is kind of misleading since this isn't related to the active ingredients, but to the natural flavoring, they added.

The great thing is that it comes in 13 different flavors as of January 2021. There aren't many pre-workouts out there with so many flavors. So you will absolutely find a flavor that fits your taste.

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What's Inside Legion Pulse?

We already know that it contains multiple ingredients that boost nitric oxide but also stimulants like caffeine to boost energy. However, what is exactly inside Legion Pulse, and what do these ingredients do in your body?

Let's take a closer look at the supplement facts mentioned on the label. As you can see in the image below, it contains the following six(6) ingredients. 

Note: This legion pulse review is not about the stim-free variant.

Legion Pulse Ingredients & Formula
Legion Pulse Ingredients & Formula

8g – L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1
L-Citrulline, together with caffeine, are the most known ingredients to be featured in a pre-workout. However, most companies keep the dosage under 4g. Legion Pulse contains a stunning 8 grams, which actually is a very high dosage but also often used in clinical studies. Main function: Increase Nitric Oxide & Blood flow + Improves Performance

3,6g – Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn)
CarnoSyn has been added 3,6 grams, which is a very good dosage. It will give you that tingling feeling in your face or fingers. 
Main function: Helps against fatigue and improves performance.

2.5g – Betaine Anhydrous
This ingredient is often used in pre-workouts for improved power. Some studies suggest that it could help with increasing muscle mass(1).
Main function: Power & Performance.

350mg – Caffeine Anhydrous
Caffeine is pretty much self-explanatory. It's the main stimulant in many fat burners and pre-workouts. Caffeine is proven to give you a boost in energy but also helps with mood & focus while working out.
Main function: Energy & Focus.

350mg – L-Theanine
This amino acid is mostly found in tea and some mushrooms. It has many health benefits but the most known are improving focus, reducing blood pressure, and help with weight loss.
Main function: Focus

300mg – AlphaSize (Alpha-GPC)
Alpha GPC is known as a nootropic ingredient that could help with focus, memory, and overall performance. A standard dosage would be between 400-600mg a day, so this is a bit on the low end.
Main function: Mental clarity & Focus.

Over the years they changed their formula. In the old formula, they had a dosage of 4,8 grams of Beta-Alanine, 2.2grams L-Ornithine HCL, and 2 grams Taurine.

The ingredients used in Legion Pulse are all beneficial and will improve your workout. However, can it compete with other well-known pre-workouts like Wrecked and Preseries Bulk

If we look at the number of ingredients and dosages added, you will see that both Wrecked and Preseries Bulk have WAY more added. For example, Wrecked has 17 ingredients, compared to 6 in Legion Pulse.

On the Legion Athletics website, they claim that it's the best natural pre-workout because they can back it up with scientific data. However, the pre-workouts I just mentioned have the same ingredients and dosages, plus even more.

Don't get me wrong; it's a solid product and helps you smash your workout. The good thing is that the ingredients they added are at least at the right dose. 

Legion Pulse Effects

What Can You Expect From Using It?

Now into the more exciting parts of the review. What should you expect when using Legion Pulse? As with all pre-workouts, it's primary focus is on the energy, stress, and strength part. 

Legion Pulse has some excellent ingredients added for boosting your nitric oxide production. So you should expect to get a solid muscle pump. 

Combined with the 350mg caffeine, which equals about 6-8 cups of coffee, you will get a real kick of energy. If you regularly drink caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea, you should expect fewer effects since you build up a tolerance. However, if you never drink coffee, you are in for a ride.

The next thing you will notice after using Legion Pulse is the performance effects. You will most likely have the ability to lift more weights than usual and squeeze out more reps.

Another thing we noticed while using it was the focus aspect. We are not a big fan of using nootropics, but we felt Alpha-GPC and Theanine's effects. 

Takeaway: We liked using Legion Pulse and noticed the muscle pumps, energy, and boost in performance. We would say that this pre-workout is perfect for using as your regular pre. This pre is not for people that are looking for an extreme boost in energy and focus. We would advise you to take a look at Wrecked for such effects.

Price & Availability

Legion Pulse is currently available to buy through either the official website or on Amazon. They seem to ship worldwide, and it's free shipping within the US.

One tub costs $39,99, which makes it $1,90 per serving. You will get 21 servings per container. 

The price is considerably high compared to other pre-workouts with almost the same formula. For example, Total War by Redcon1 costs $1,16 and Wrecked by Huge Nutrition costs $1,79 per serving.

The Bottom Line

We think that Legion Pulse is a good product with a good set of ingredients. We like that they put work and research into their products and you can see that in the dosages of each ingredient.

However, the thing we don't like is that Legion Pulse is very expensive at almost $2 per serving.

Another thing to consider is the fact that it only has 6 key ingredients. Other high demanding pre-workouts have at least double the amount of that. 

We think that Legion Pulse is an entry pre-workout that is perfect for daily usage. This pre-workout is not for experienced people or for people that really like that kick of energy, we would advise Wrecked for that.

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