The 8 Best Legal Steroids: Safe And Effective Alternatives!

If you want to gain muscle faster, there's a unique set of products that can help speed up the entire process.

I'm talking about legal steroids.

These products will help you reach your goals at a much faster rate. They contain natural ingredients, don't cause any side effects, and are legal to purchase.

We're going to show you the 8 most potent products; there is a product out there for every one of you. Let's check them out.

The 8 Best Legal Steroids


The following products we will show you are what we consider to be the closest supplements to steroids. We've personally tested each product on this list, and every one of them works exceptionally well.

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Let's check out these best legal alternatives for maximum gains.

1. Sapogenix

Sapogenix Legal Steroids Supplement

Those of you looking for the best and most powerful, yet safest alternative to steroids, we introduce to you, Sapogenix by Huge Nutrition.

Sapogenix contains naturally occurring steroidal sapogenins (1). Because they occur in plants naturally, they don't cause any side effects yet significantly increase muscle growth.

Not only will it help you gain mass in no-time, but it's also highly effective at increasing strength, power, and enhancing recovery.

It's available as a 4-week and 8-week cycle. The longer you use it, the more mass you'll be able to gain.

We're going to be honest, it's not as effective as orals such as Dianabol or Anadrol. But, Sapogenix is definitely the closest supplement to actual roids.

Sapogenix Benefits:

  • Rapid lean muscle tissue gains
  • Explosive strength and power increase
  • Accelerated recovery
  • Muscle hardening effects
  • Increased muscle pumps when working out
  • Natural anabolic activator
  • Side-effect free

How To Use Sapogenix:

Sapogenix can be used during the bulking phase to optimize mass gains. The gains you get from it are clean, and you won't experience any water retention.

Take two (2) tablets per day with a meal for 4 or 8 weeks. The official HugeSupplements site has it for sale as a 4-week or 8-week cycle.

It does not require a post cycle therapy or on cycle support as it's a natural compound.

2. Ecdysterone

Ecdysterone supplement

The second product on our list of best legal steroids is Huge Ecdysterone. Ecdysterone is said to come near the power of anabolics but doesn't have the side effects (2).

It's a natural anabolic agent, making it extremely potent for gaining muscle mass and strength. You'll see progress every day, whether it's looking bigger or lifting heavier weights.

It's considered one of the most prominent legal steroids because clinical studies have shown it to be a natural anabolic agent with a lot of power behind it. 

This product also contains Cyclodextrin, a compound used to improve absorption (3). This means you will start to feel and seethe results much faster than other ecdysterone products.

Ecdysterone Benefits:

  • Backed by scientific data
  • High anabolic potency
  • Significant mass gains
  • Increased absorption – starts working fast
  • Enhance overall performance
  • Rapid strength gains
  • Natural compound

How To Use Ecdysterone:

Most athletes use Ecdysterone to increase lean muscle mass during either a bulk or cut, so it's possible to do both. It works best if you combine it with a high-protein diet and a high-intensity workout routine.

Take two (2) capsules in the morning with your first meal. Continue this protocol for at least 4 to 12 weeks. There are no side effects because the main ingredient is a natural steroid.

3. Annihilate

If you want to change your physique within just several weeks, you absolutely have to check out Huge Nutrition's Annihilate.

Annihilate contains the promising plant anabolic alternative called Laxogenin, which we've had shocking results with. It helped us gain 8lbs in 8 weeks, which is impressive.

It doesn't mess with your hormone levels, meaning it's the perfect muscle-builder for natural athletes that want to focus on gaining size.

Annihilate Benefits:

  • Known as the natural plant anabolic
  • Stimulates protein synthesis
  • Boosts power, strength, and recovery
  • Effective at two capsules per day
  • Doesn't require post cycle therapy

How To Use Annihilate:

Athletes and bodybuilders use Annihilate to help them increase protein synthesis, which, in return, helps with the growth of muscle tissue.

This means you'll be able to use it during a cut or bulk, whichever is your goal right now; Annihilate can help you reach it faster.

For optimal results, run it for a minimum of 8 weeks. This period can be extended to 12 weeks, depending on your goals.

4. Enhance

Enhance is a massively dosed testosterone booster, making it the perfect alternative to steroids such as Sustanon.

It is filled with quality ingredients such as KSM-66 (Organic Ashwagandha), which has been scientifically proven to increase muscle mass and strength (4).

It's superior to other testosterone boosters on the market because it literally has 3 to 4 times more ingredients than most.

Thus, the effects on increasing your testosterone levels naturally will be more significant. With those increased hormones, you'll be gaining muscle mass at a much faster rate.

Your body will recover quicker with the help of these legal steroids, and you'll be able to handle more workload in the gym.

Enhance Benefits:

  • Natural alternative to Sustanon
  • Boosts testosterone naturally
  • Superiorly dosed with scientifically backed ingredients
  • Helps the body recover faster
  • Accelerates lean mass growth
  • 100% Natural formula

How To Use Enhance:

This natural steroid alternative is suitable for every goal, whether it's getting lean or muscular. It'll put your body in the perfect environment by optimizing natural testosterone levels, such as Sustanon would do.

Enhance has a hefty serving size; you have to take eight (8) capsules every day in the morning with a meal. Huge Nutrition advises taking it for a minimum of 8 weeks.

5. Epitech

Epitech legal steroids

Huge Nutrition's Epitech is a natural anabolic supplement that helps build mass and power. It's completely safe, unlike actual anabolic steroids that can cause hair loss, acne, and more.

The ingredient found in this product is epicatechin, an ingredient that has been shown to improve skeletal muscle growth (5).

The fact that it has shown to be useful in clinical studies should tell you enough about its effectiveness. 

Epitech also contains two ingredients that optimize absorption. This is to make sure that it's user starts to feel the effects rapidly.

Epitech Benefits:

  • Studies have proven it's effectiveness
  • Natural steroid supplement
  • Muscle growth capacity
  • Lift heavier in the gym
  • Raise nitric oxide (NO)
  • No side effects

How To Use Epitech:

Most people take Epitech for its muscle-building effects. It starts working fast and can safely be added to one's daily routine since it's a naturally occurring ingredient.

Taking it is straightforward: you take two (2) capsules before working out. Repeat this for a minimum of 6 weeks, preferably longer to maximize results.

6. Arachidone

Arachidone anabolic alternative

Yet another highly effective alternative to anabolic steroids is a product by the name of Arachidone. It maximizes growth without interfering with your hormone levels or anything like that.

Arachidonic acid, the ingredient found in this product, has also been clinically proven to build lean body mass and peak power (6).

So, this stuff pretty much helps you grow and get stronger at the same time. I've taken Arachidone and noticed its effects the day after taking it.

Arachidone Benefits:

  • Helps improve muscle recovery
  • Works extremely fast
  • Clinically proven ingredient
  • Maximizes peak power
  • Builds lean body mass effectively
  • Natural and safe

How To Use Arachidone:

Arachidone is an excellent alternative to illicit anabolic steroids. This clinically proven compound helps optimize your performance from different angles. Not to mention, it starts working extremely fast.

Take three (3) to four (4) capsules of Arachidone 30 minutes before your workout. On rest days, you can take it in the morning with your breakfast.

7. Rebirth

Rebirth the alternative for anabolic steroids

Rebirth is another fast-acting legal steroids supplement by Huge Nutrition. What Rebirth does is it blocks estrogen, allowing your body to increase it's natural testosterone production even more.

It's pretty much an estrogen blocker and testosterone booster in one. Once your natural testosterone starts to increase, that's when the gains occur.

You'll notice an increase in overall muscle tissue, strength, recovery, and even libido. The quality formula can't be matched. Read more about this product in our Rebirth PCT review.

Rebirth Benefits:

  • Blocks estrogen production
  • Increases testosterone production
  • Boosts lean mass gains
  • Muscle-hardening effects
  • High-quality and scientifically proven ingredients

How To Use Rebirth:

Rebirth can be used for cutting, bulking, and even for a recomp. Since it optimizes your hormone levels naturally, it can be used for pretty much every goal.

You take six (6) capsules of Rebirth every day. It takes a week or two for this product to start working optimal, which means a cycle length of 8 to 12 weeks is recommended.

8. Eliminate

Eliminate can be used to help you achieve that lean, ripped look. It's a thermogenic fat burner that drastically speeds up weight loss.

With its potent formula, it's like an effective yet safer approach to compounds such as Clenbuterol. Eliminate contains highly potent ingredients like Yohimbine, which has been proven to improve fat loss (3).

We're big fans of using Eliminate to get lean and improving vascularity.

Combine it with other legal steroids to build a shredded physique. You won't be disappointed by the fast and impressive results this product has to offer.

Eliminate Benefits:

  • Enhance fat loss progress
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps you get ripped
  • Potent formula

How To Use Eliminate:

Eliminate is mainly used to reduce body fat percentage while maintaining muscle mass. It's a powerful fat burner that has you taking three (3) capsules per day, preferably in the morning, to put your body in fat-burning mode.

It's advised to run it between 4 to 6 weeks, followed by a 4-week break before using it again. It's easy to lose between 10 to 15lbs of fat during this period and completely changing your body composure.

Why You Should Avoid Anabolic Steroids

Androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) have gotten extremely popular for their performance-enhancing abilities. You've probably seen a few impressive before and after pictures of people that have used them.

It's evident that they're highly effective when it comes to increasing muscle mass, power, and performance. But, the gains come at a price, and that's the health risks they carry with them (6).

You've probably heard about some of the side effects they can cause. To give you an idea of what they are, here's a list of side effects caused by steroids:

  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia (Gyno)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Liver toxicity
  • Hair loss

Not to mention the commitment of having to inject yourself several times per week. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't look forward to jabbing myself with a needle every few days.

Adverse side effects of anabolic steroids

These are serious side effects that aren't worth the risk for muscle gains. Due to the adverse side effects and long-term health risks, we advise steering clear from androgenic anabolic steroids.

If you're serious about gaining muscle and improving your physique, prioritize your nutrition and start stacking legal steroids together.

The combination of Ecdysterone and Sapogenix is powerful, safe, and will help you reach your goals faster. You'll easily pack on 5-10lbs with an 8-week cycle.

Yes, it might take longer than with actual AAS, but it will be without putting your health at risk. And in the long run, that is what matters.

Anabolic Steroids Vs Natural Steroids

When it comes to comparing anabolic steroids versus natural steroids, there are a few areas where they differ.

Of course, the major difference between them is that natural alternatives are safe and legal. In comparison, AAS are dangerous and illegal.

Yep, I said illegal – it means you can even get in trouble with buying or possessing them.

It's pretty straightforward that the natural alternatives are much better. They can still help you with getting that lean, muscular physique.

Trust me when I say that using legal steroids is still extremely effective and will significantly speed up your progress.

You just need to know which products are the most effective, and we've shown you those. Now it's just a matter of picking a product that suits your goals, and you'll be ready to transform your body.


Legal steroids are, by far, the most popular and most effective products for natural athletes to maximize performance.

They will optimize your performance from different angles, including accelerating muscle growth, just like steroids.

But what makes them so unique is that they don't carry any side effects. That means you won't have to worry about acne, hair loss, or testosterone suppression.

Once you've reached your goals, you simply stop taking them. That's it.

The legal steroids in this article are only available from; they can't be purchased anywhere else.

If you're looking to learn more about natural and effective products, read our article on intra workout supplements.

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