INTRACELL 7 Black Review: Does This Intra Fuel Your Workout?

The best feeling in the world is to absolutely crush your workout and to keep going on without having to stop. To get this feeling, people take pre-workouts or other performance-enhancing supplements.

However, sometimes this isn't enough, and that's why people take intra workout supplements to get absolutely everything out of their workout.

Intracell 7 Black by Primevallabs is such a product. It contains all the necessary nutrients so your body can push its limits.

Intracell 7 Black Details


Intracell 7 Black is an intra-workout supplement by Primeval Labs and consists of ingredients like amino acids, electrolytes, and fast-acting carbohydrates.

Its main functions are to help boost your performance, endurance, and muscle pumps while working out. 

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It contains unique and patented ingredients like Vasodrive AP, GlycerSize, and ModCarb. But we will analyze every ingredient later on in this article. 

One scoop will give you 17,2 grams of ingredients and there are in total 40 scoops per tub. However, they advise taking 2 scoops if you're an advanced lifter. 

The main selling point of Intracell is that it's not just a regular intra workout with just BCAA's and some salt. No, it contains a scientifically formulated blend, with added electrolytes and carbs.

Intracell 7 Black Ingredients & Formula Explained

Let's find out what actually is inside Intracell 7 and how it works when you use it. You will find the full supplement facts and formula in the image below.

Checking the ingredients before buying a supplement is one of the most important things to do and especially with intra workouts. By checking the labels you are able to see what's inside, but also if the quality of the product is good.

Intracell 7 Black Ingredients (1 scoop):

  • 2,5 grams – BCAA's (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine)
  • 410mg – EAA's (L-Lysine, L-Threonine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tryptophan, L-Histidine, L-Methionine)
  • 719mg – Electrolytes (Coconut Water, DiCalcium, DiMagnesium, DiSodium, and Potassium.
  • 10 grams – Carbohydrates (Carb 10, Isomaltulose, Organic Oat Bran, Organic Amaranth, Organic Quinoa, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Millet, ModCarb, Clester Dextrin)
  • 1000mg – L-Taurine
  • 500mg – GlycerSize
  • 127mg – Vasodrive AP

Intracell 7 Black Supplement Facts

We are unfortunately not able to see the exact amount of each ingredient since they are using blends. 

They've broken their formula into 5 parts: BCAA's, EAA's, Electrolyte, Carbohydrate, and Performance.

A total of 2,5 grams per scoop has been added, which is not a huge dosage, and you should at least take 2  scoops to get an effective dose. Amino acids have been proven to improve recovery, increase protein synthesis, and performance(1)(2)(3).

The electrolytes in this formula will help you keep hydrated during your workout and enhance cell volume. 

I really liked the carbohydrate blend they used. It contains multiple sources of high-quality carbs like Oats, Quinoa, and Chia.

Other intra workouts like SizeOn, for example, use mostly dextrose, which is a very cheap source.

For enhanced performance, they added Taurine and Glycerol. Glycerol has been proven to improve exercise performance(4). However, the recommended dosage is between 1-3 grams, so again you need to take 2 scoops to get the effects.

To conclude: Intracell 7 added some very good ingredients that will help you improve your performance in the gym. However, the dosages are all very low, so you should at least take 2 scoops to get the full effect.

What You Should Expect from Intracell 7 Black

Intra workouts are known to improve performance and power output in the gym. They are designed to fuel your body with all the necessary nutrients to be in your best shape possible. If you're able to push the extra weight or do more reps, you will see muscle mass growth.

On the official website of Primeval Labs, they mentioned that Intracell 7 Black could do the following things:

  • Boost Performance & Endurance
  • Extend Muscle Pumps
  • Increase Strength & Power
  • Stay Hydrated During Workouts

These claims obviously change from person to person, but you should expect to notice some if not all of these effects in general.

We think you need to take at least 2 scoops to feel these effects since 1 scoop will not give you all the clinical dosages.

Our Experience & Recommendation

We like to test every product ourselves to give you the best review possible. After using Intracell 7 at least 5 times now, we can tell you that this product works.

It gives you exactly what you expect from an intra workout supplement. You will feel a boost in overall performance while your lifting heavyweights. We had a feeling that we could go on longer than usual.

Intracell 7 gave us the boost and nutrients we need to stay on top of our game.

We didn't notice any strength or power increases, but this could be seen after using it for a longer period.

Intracell 7 Price & Taste

The price for a tub is $39,99, and you will receive 40 servings. However, we recommend you to take at least 2 scoops, so it's basically 20 servings. This comes down to $1-2 per scoop.

We think the price is too high for the ingredients you get. For example, Adabolic, which has way more ingredients, costs $1,75 per scoop, and we already thought that was too high.

As of December 2020, they have 5 different flavors: Rainbow Sherbet, Smashberry, Orange Sherbet, Cherry Lemonade, and Gummy bear.

The taste was alright and not too bad for a 30-gram serving size. 

The Bottome Line

Intracell 7 serves alright as an intra workout supplement and to fuel your workout. It isn't the most stacked intra workout on the market, so we advise you to take at least 2 scoops. 

In our opinion, we found the price way too high for what you get. With 1 scoop, you receive 2,5 grams of BCAA, 10 grams of Carbs, electrolytes, and some performance ingredients. To get the clinical dosages, you need to take 2 scoops, which makes it kind of misleading.

We liked using it but got way better results using Formula XII by Huge nutrition. This supplement resulted in optimal performance and recovery.

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