Insane Veinz Pump Pre Workout Review: Is It Worth Trying?

Insane Labz is a supplement company that released a stim-free pre-workout or also known as a pump supplement named Insane Veinz.

They claim that this supplement could increase your vascularity, hence the name ‘Insane Veinz.'

Stim free pre-workouts are becoming much more popular these days because you can take them whenever you would like, and most of them are more focussed on giving a good pump, which could help with the mind-muscle connection.

Today we're going to review this supplement and show you how it works and if it's worth buying.

What is Insane Veinz?


Insane Veinz is a stim-free pre-workout supplement by Insane Labz. It's designed to help you with muscle pumps, energy, focus, and vascularity.

It's a dietary powder supplement with a blend of minerals, amino acids, and herbs.

They claim that you will get blood bursting vascularity because of the agmatine sulfate they added. 

It should also be perfectly stackable with other pre-workouts like there ‘I Am God‘ pre.

Insane Veinz Review

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Insane Veinz comes in a tub and is available in 4 different flavors. A bottle costs $49,95 and contains 35 servings of 2,8gram per serving.

The first thing we noticed was that it has a really low serving size and total net weight(150grams).

For comparison, other stim-free pre-workouts like Pump Serum or Preseries Bulk Stim-Free contain at least 16 grams per serving.

This means that other supplements have at least five times higher dosages or ingredients. 

Let's find out how they formulated this product and at what dosages. 

Insane Veinz Formula And Ingredients

The formula contains six key ingredients:

Sodium – 200mg
Chloride – 200mg
Agmatine Sulfate – 1250mg
Betaine Anhydrous – unknown
Beetroot extract – unknown
Russian Tarragon – unknown

The first thing we noticed is that they hide the dosage of several ingredients. They do this to ‘protect' their blend so that other companies will not steal their formula.

However, now we are unable to see the total dosage they added, which is very important for comparison to other supplements and to decide effectiveness.

Insane Veinz Formula and ingredients

All ingredients they included are added because of their nitric oxide boosting effects.

Agmatine sulfate could help with improving exercise performance but also with enhancing blood flow.

Studies also showed that Beet Root has the ability to increase nitric oxide.

They also added sodium so that your body will hold more water, which will help with getting a better muscle pump.

In all honestly, the formula looks more like a nitric oxide booster than a stim-free pre-workout. 

While the main purpose of this product is gaining vascularity, it's not really a great pre-workout.

Our opinion on Insane Veinz

While we are a big fan of their design and looks, the formula and dosages are just way to low.

It really looked like they tried creating a really high-end product that could help with increased vascularity and energy. While in fact they really missed out on the ingredients.

If they dropped the price to around the 25-30 mark, it would be a way better deal. 

Don't get me wrong. You will feel the effects of better pumps; however, the price is just way too high for what they give you.

Did it really give us insane veinz?

Well, being vascular depends on various factors like body fat, diet(minerals, carbs, etc.), genetics, etc.

So, does it all of a sudden make you vascular? No, you still need to have all those factors in check to get vascular. A supplement like Insane Veinz will not help you with that.

We tested the product several times, and we definitely didn't notice an increase in energy. However, we did see an increase in pumps.

There are way better products out there, for example, Pump Serum by Huge Supplements. It has a 3x bigger serving size and can be used as a non-stim pre-workout as well. 

The bottom line

Insane Veinz could be an excellent product for muscle pumps; however, it has limited effects on energy and vascularity.

When reviewing this product, we noticed an increase in muscle pumps, and that could enormously help with the mind-muscle connection.

In our opinion, the price is way too high for what you really get. If they would drop the price, it could be a great addition to your workout regime.

We wouldn't recommend using this product as your pre-workout, only because it doesn't provide you the energy boost or focus you would expect.

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