Huge Nutrition Drops A New Whey Protein Product

The new and upcoming brand Huge Nutrition just dropped a brand new whey protein powder product called Huge Whey. It contains 23 grams of high-quality protein per serving. They combined whey concentrate with whey isolate, making it a classic blend. 

It's currently available in the taste Cookie & Cream, but they mentioned to us that they will launch a new taste very soon.


You can't go wrong with Huge Nutrition guys. They've been providing high-quality products like RebirthSapogenix, and Annihilate. Which are all very popular products in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

However, the only category that was missing in their product catalog was protein, which changed now with Huge Whey.

One scoop contains 120 calories, 23grams of protein, and over 5 grams BCAA's. They call it ‘the best tasting protein powder on the market‘, which sounds very promising.

We all know that whey is a perfect product for either gaining new muscle mass, losing body-fat, or simply hitting your protein macros. 

We at SupplementsReviewer will definitely make an in-depth review of this product soon.

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