Ghost Legend Pre Workout Review: Superior Formula Or Not?

Ghost Legend is a pre-workout supplement designed by Ghost and has gained popularity for its notable product labels.

Lots of people requested us to review this pre-workout, so you asked, and we delivered!

In this Ghost Legend review, we will take a look at the ingredient blend, price, and personal experience.

Ghost Legend pre workout review

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What Is Ghost Legend?


Ghost Legend is a pre-workout supplement that is said to help with energy, focus, and pumps. They say that it contains premium pump ingredients.

They also claim that Ghost Legend contains 2 x the number of ingredients compared to other leading pre-workouts.

Ghost Legend comes in 8 different flavors and can be bought through either the official website, Amazon or resellers.

The company behind it also sells whey protein, BCAA's, fat burners, and some muscle builders. 

Their supplements are more mainstream and not really hardcore like, for example, Blackstone Labs or Huge Supplements. However, that doesn't mean that they don't have awesome products.

A bottle of Ghost Legend costs $44,99 and has 30 servings. This comes down to $1,50 per serving. 

Ghost Legend Ingredients

The first thing we noticed is that they have a transparent label and do not hide their ingredients in a proprietary blend. So, that's a big plus in our opinion. 

As you might already know, some companies like to hide their blend so that other companies can't steal their formula. However, that also means you are unable to check what is inside the product.

Let's take a look at the ingredients they added and at what dosage.

The total serving size is 12 grams and 1 tub contains 30 servings. 12 grams is pretty average compared to others; let's not judge a book by it's cover.

Just to compare a few: Wrecked 21,1 grams, PreSeries Bulk 22 grams, Redcon1 Total war 14,7 grams.

You will find a detailed list of the ingredients below.

Ghost legend fruit punch ingredients & blend
Ghost Legend Supplement Facts

4000mg – L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline is known for its nitric oxide affecting effects. Meaning it will widen your blood vessels and allow it to get more blood into the muscles getting you a better muscle pump(1).

L-Citrulline will also greatly help with strength and performance in the gym(2).

4000mg of L-Citrulline is again an average dosage. You would like to see a dosage of at least 6000mg.

2000mg – Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine is in our opinion a staple ingredient in a pre-workout. It has been proven to be an effective ingredient for strength, endurance but also muscle mass.

Beta-Alanine will give you that tingling feeling when you take a pre-workout containing it. 

It’s often used in pre-workouts but sometimes underdosed. We would advise taking at least 3200mg per serving for optimal results.

500mg – Agmatine Sulfate

Agmatine is also known to increase nitric oxide levels resulting in better and fuller muscle pumps. It’s also often used as a nootropic for mental clarity and focus.

500mg  is added to Ghost Legend and seems to be a good dosage.

100mg – Norvaline

This amino acid is said to help with increasing muscle mass by supporting the body’s arginine concentrations.

1000mg – Taurine

Taurine is a form of amino acids and is primarily known as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Researchers found out that taurine could help with increasing blood flow and improve endurance.

202mg – Caffeine

Caffeine is probably the most known ingredient in pre-workouts but also fat burners. It’s known to give a boost in energy, enhance fat loss, and increase focus. 

Ghost Legend has 202mg of caffeine in total. Which is a very moderate dosage and perfect for people that are just starting out with stimulants. A dose between 250-350mg is normal in pre-workouts.

150mg – Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is known for its cognitive effects but also has been shown to increase power output and increase growth hormone at dosages of 600mg(3).

Ghost Legend pre-workout contains 150mg, which is a very low dosage and will not really be effective.

50mg – Rhodiola Rosea

This herb is known for giving energy but also helping against getting fatique. At a dosage of 170mg an notable decrease in fatique was noticed(4).

50mg is a low dosage but, they found out that it was effective.

1mg – Rauwolfia Vomitoria

Rauwolfia Vomitoria is also known as alpha yohimbine and is known as a powerful stimulant which, combined with caffeine, will be great for energy and focus.

A dosage between 1-3mg is more than enough since high dosages could give you adverse effects.

50mg – Theobromine

Theobromine is mainly found in cocoa or tea leaves. It’s said to increase energy and is therefore added in pre-workouts.

As you can see, the label is pretty stacked with ingredients. They have a good combination of stimulants and pump ingredients

The only issue we have with the blend is the amount of some ingredients. Every ingredient amount is on the low end and some even so low that they are not effective at all.

So, will it give you energy, pumps, and focus? Well, if we just take a look at the label, it will most likely give you some energy and pumps, but it could be way better.

Our Opinion on Ghost Legend

As with all supplements we review, we actually like to put them to the test. That way we can really give our opinion and make a good review.

We've tried Ghost Legend a couple of times and we are actually a great fan of the flavor, which was Warheads Watermelon. It solved really fast and there were no clumps at the bottom. 

It gave a good dose of energy, and it resulted in some good workout session. The pumps and focus were on the average side, but that was as expected with the dosages added.

In terms of effectiveness, we would rate this similar to Psychotic, STEEL PRE, and Bucked Up.

We wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for something that will absolutely blow your mind in terms of energy and focus.

But, it's a decent pre-workout that we would be great for people that are just starting out with these kinds of supplements.

The Bottom Line

Ghost Legend is a decent pre-workout with a good ingredient blend. The only downside is that they choose to add low dosages of each ingredient. We would love to see Ghost increasing the dosage size.

It gave us nice workouts and would love to try more in the future. However, it was not the most effective pre-workout we used.

The price is also high for what you get. For the same price, you could also get Wrecked, which has a double dosage size.

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