Excelsior Pre Workout Review: Must Read Before Buying (WARNING)

Excelsior is a pre workout formulated and sold by Imperial Nutrition.

It's made quite a name for itself, as we've come across dozens of reviews where users have taken this pre workout, and they got blown away by its potency.

This all despite only having a proprietary blend of just 5.3 grams. That's extremely low, which raises suspicion for many as to the contents of the product.

We've heard all kinds of crazy rumors about the Excelsior pre workout, which is why we thought it was time that we put it to the test.

Keep reading this article, as we're about to share our personal experience with this product.

What Happened Once I Took Excelsior?


Well, here we go.

I took Excelsior about half an hour before arriving at the gym. The flavor was pretty good, and I downed it relatively easy. After taking it, I headed off to the gym.

On my way to the gym, I could feel it was starting to kick in. By the time I arrived there, I could tell it was working at full force.

Excelsior pre workout review

It was a bizarre euphoric feeling. I'm highly skeptical of the label and the ingredients because the feeling was so intense. It's hard to describe, as no other pre workout has made me feel this way.

The increase in energy blew me away – I was doing a lot more volume than usual, which was nice. I was able to keep going and going, and it was nothing like I felt before.

Unfortunately for the focus and pumps weren't up to par with the energy for me. I would say for me, they were average at best.

Still, I was able to train intensively and hard. My training session lasted for over two hours, whereas I'm generally out of the gym after about 60 to 75 minutes. That's what I liked a lot.

I finished my workout, and near the end, I could start to feel a bit off and fatigued. 

That's when the crash came.

As many others have experienced with Excelsior, I also crashed heavily after my workout.

I was worth nothing for the rest of the day. Unproductive, tired, and restless. I couldn't eat anything because I felt nauseous for hours after taking it.

It was like after taking a stacked DMAA pre workout, but the crash was worse than that. Keep in mind that I've tried Dark Energy, Crack, and many more products.

It just ruined the rest of the day for me. That's why I won't be touching it again, as I hate crashing after taking a pre. I want to have good workouts and be able to function properly for the rest of the day.

For me, a pre workout such as Wrecked Extreme is a much more balanced product that delivers a great combination of energy, focus, and pumps.

So, I ended up taking Excelsior just once. You're probably aware of the fact that we usually test products multiple times before releasing our review, but this one was an exception simply because of the unpleasant experience.

That pretty much sums up my experience with Excelsior.

Please note that this is my personal experience with this supplement – it might be a completely different experience for you.

Excelsior Ingredient Breakdown

We're going to cover the formula behind Excelsior to give you a better understanding of its effects.

It's important to know that Excelsior uses a proprietary blend, meaning the exact dosages of each ingredient aren't specified. 

Excelsior ingredients

The only thing we know which type of ingredients it holds and that the entire proprietary blend is a total of 5.3 grams.

We don't like these proprietary blends, mainly because you don't know what doses of the stimulants your ingesting.

Let's check out the ingredients found in the Excelsior pre workout and why they've been added.


L-Citrulline is considered one of the staple ingredients in many pre workout supplements and nitric oxide boosters.

It aims to increase blood flow and maximizes pumps. A good dosage would be 6000mg, but we don't know the exact dose per scoop in this formula.


Next up in this prop blend, we have Trimethylglycine, also known as Betaine.

Betaine is said to impact power output, muscular endurance, and fatigue.

Another solid ingredient that we like seeing in pre workouts, but again, we can't comment on the effectiveness because we don't know if it's appropriately dosed.

Kigelia Africana Extract

Kigelia Africana Extract is an ingredient we don't see around too often.

It's said to be the natural version of DMHA, meaning it's a stimulant that ramps up energy levels.

Caffeine Anhydrous

What's a pre workout without caffeine?

You already know why caffeine is in this product – it significantly enhances energy, focus, and exercise performance.

We don't know how much caffeine is in Excelsior. It may be a hefty amount since it's said to hit hard.

Bauhinia Purpurea Extract

Bauhinia Purpurea Extract is another ingredient many of you won't be familiar with. It's a herb that is said to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Plus, it could help regulate thyroid hormones.

Bitter Orange Extract

Known by many as Synepherine, this a mild stimulant that is known for boosting energy and increasing metabolic rate.

It's often included in fat burners because of its thermogenic abilities. We love this compound in weight loss supplements.


Octopamine is a stimulant found in bitter orange and other plants. There isn't a lot of scientific data available to back up the effects of this ingredient.

Hawthorn Extract

The final ingredient found in the Excelsior pre workout is Hawthorn Extract. Hawthorne is loaded with antioxidants and can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Where To Buy Excelsior Pre Workout

If you're set on trying Excelsior, there's not a lot of places left to buy it from. The site we got it from no longer stocks it, meaning you'll have to do your own research.

Expect to spend at least $60 to $70 for a container holding 30 servings. It's priced very steeply and easily one of the most expensive we've ever come across.

We have noticed that Excelsior is one of those pre workouts that's getting harder and harder to come by. We've seen this happen to similar products until they're eventually gone forever.

So if you do have your mind made up about buying Excelsior, I wouldn't wait too long.

Would I Take Excelsior Again?

Many of you will wonder if I will be taking Excelsior again.

The answer is no; I won't be using it anymore. Once was more than enough for me.

Although the energy was great, and I managed to train for a lot longer than usual, I wouldn't be able to handle the crash again. 

It just ruins everything for me and leaves me unproductive for the entire day.

I don't regret giving it a try, though!

I do want to emphasize that this is just my experience with Excelsior. Other users might respond differently, so don't be put off by my experience.

I've just had much better experiences with other products such as Wrecked Extreme, which has become my to-go high stim pre.

My Final Thoughts On Excelsior

There's no doubt that Excelsior will hit you hard once taken. For me, the feeling it gave was very strange and unlike something I've felt before.

It helped me get in a solid and intense workout, but what happened after was horrible. The crash made me not want to retake it.

If you want to get your hands on Excelsior, don't wait too long as we see the supply decrease.

Of course, if you do give this product a try, please make sure to stay safe by starting with just half a scoop or even a third of a scoop.

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