Blackstone Labs Dust X Pre Workout Reviewed & Tested

Dust X is a high stimulant pre workout supplement that has been around for quite a few years now.

The company behind this product, Blackstone Labs, claims that it's the most powerful and explosive pre workout there is. We've noticed that there's a lot of people that vouch for its benefits and effectiveness.

Dust X Pre Workout Review

Of course, that caught our attention, which is why we've gone ahead and bought a tub of Dust X to put it to the test.

We want to know if it really lives up to the hype. Keep reading as we dive into our experience with this product!

Our Experience With Dust X

Before we share our experience, it's important to know that this is not a pre workout for beginners. If it's your first time looking at these kinds of supplements, it's probably a good idea to opt for something with fewer stimulants.

We found that Dust X by Blackstone Labs was quite a heavy hitter. The main effect we noticed was a massive increase in energy and gave us that sense of urgency.

Usually, we're in and out of the gym after an hour. But with this pre, we managed to push on for another 45 minutes, meaning we trained for nearly double as long.

The intensity was a lot higher than normal, which is a plus. The focus was also there, but nothing extraordinary. Pumps also weren't really there, which was a bummer.

So from our perspective, this was a typical high stim pre workout that provides that crazy energy rush many of us are looking for. It reminded me of Amped AF or Psychotic.

Is Dust X the best we've ever tried? Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean it's not a solid option.

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Since we've got many other products that need to be tested, we try every product three times on average. It's good to know that Dust X delivered consistent results every single time we took it. 

We didn't find its effectiveness to decrease at all, which is a good thing. Keep reading as we tell you more about the ingredients, pricing, flavor, and more.

Dust X Ingredient Profile

Dust X has a potent formula, with the majority of the ingredients being stimulants. In total, one scoop contains 10.5 grams.

That might not seem as much, and when you compare it to other pre workouts, you'll find that it's pretty average.

But as we've just mentioned, Dust X packs many stimulants, which don't need a high dosage to deliver a lot of power.

Check out the supplement facts below.

Blackstone labs Dust X ingredients

The first thing you'll notice is that it packs 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, which is quite a high dosage for caffeine that'll boost energy significantly.

But, it's not just the caffeine in this formula that'll get you ready to slam the weights. You'll find that Dust X also contains DMHA at 150mg per scoop, which is considered one of the strongest stims out there.

Hefty, right? But we're not done yet. There's also Higenamine and Phenylethylamine to boost energy and sense of urgency even more.

For focus, there is L-Tyrosine at 1000mg and Huperzine A at 300mcg. Those will get you in the zone, no doubt.

You also have L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 ratio at 4 grams and Beta-Alanine at 2,5 grams in there to top it off.

Dust X Benefits & Drawbacks

To give you a better idea of how we experienced this product, we've put the benefits and drawbacks on paper.


  • It provides immediate and long-lasting energy.
  • Significant increase in focus and cognitive functions.
  • It contains unique and powerful ingredients such as DMHA.
  • Immediately boosts your workout intensity and performance.
  • Delivers consistent effects
  • Dust X comes in 6 different flavors.


  • It can cause an energy crash once the effects wear off.
  • Relatively expensive at $54.99 per bottle of 25 servings.
  • Not a beginner pre-workout due to high stimulant content.
  • The opinions on the flavor and taste are mixed.

Price And Taste

Dust X comes in a 25-serving container and is available on the official Blackstone Labs site for $54.99.

With that said, there are other retailers out there selling it for cheaper, and we've seen it up for sale at as low as $44.99.

It's definitely one of the more expensive pre workouts we've seen out there.

It's available in 6 different flavors. For this review, we went with Pineapple Mango. The taste was good – it was sweet, and I enjoyed downing it. I can imagine that the other flavor options are just as good.

The Final Verdict

After trying and reviewing Dust X by Blackstone Labs, we can safely say it's a high stimulant pre workout that gets the job done.

Providing energy and focus are the main benefits we experienced from taking this product. That's mainly because there's a good combination of stimulants and nootropics in this formula.

But even though it was reliable for energy and focus, we felt that it didn't do much for us regarding pumps and blood flow.

Because of the ingredients, we find this to be a product for experienced users. With that said, even if you have a tolerance, it's a good idea to start with half a serving to see what happens.

The price point of this product is high, but that's probably because it's one of the few pre workouts that still includes DMHA. If you're looking for a heavy hitting pre, Dust X is one to consider.

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Dust X - Blackstone Labs

  • Energy - 70%
  • Focus - 75%
  • Pumps - 65%
  • Ingredients - 70%
  • Taste - 75%
  • Price - 55%
Overall Score

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