The 5 Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternatives – These Are Potent!

What Is a DMAA Pre Workout?


A DMAA pre-workout is a pre-workout supplement that contains 1,3-dimethylamylamine. The main reason these supplements are used is to enhance workout performance and intensity.

But what makes this type of pre-workout more extreme is because it contains 1,3-dimethylamylamine, a potent stimulant. We've tried it in the past, and it's some strong stuff; it's like DMHA's big brother.

These DMAA pre-workout supplements are still being sold today, even though the FDA has banned 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA). Therefore, we recommend steering clear from them.

But, don't leave just yet – we've found several products to be similar, if not better than those with DMAA. The five alternatives we're about to show you are some of the strongest ones we've used, and they won't cause that nasty crash afterward.

Top 5 Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternatives

Before you go ahead and assume the DMAA pre-workout alternatives we've put together are soft, think twice. Just because that one stimulant isn't in there doesn't mean it won't help you smash your workouts.

There are a lot more powerful ingredients out there, and these products have them included. Go ahead and check them out; you won't be disappointed.

#1. Wrecked

Best DMAA Preworkout Alternative - Wrecked

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#2. Amped AF

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative - Amped AF

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#3. Mr Hyde

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#4. Total War

DMAA Pre Workout Alternative - Total War

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#5. Psychotic

Best DMAA Pre Workout Alternative - Psychotic

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Why You Should Avoid DMAA Pre Workouts

Guys, I get it – you're looking for a DMAA pre workout to give you that euphoric and energized feeling so that you can destroy your workout.

We used to be heavy into these types of products when they were still legally available. But nowadays, there's more to these products that most of you probably haven't thought about.

The first thing is that DMAA was taken off the market a while back, meaning it's officially a banned compound. No manufacturer is going to produce a supplement containing prohibited substances.

So, that leaves us with the following question – where the heck are they producing these products?

How do you know they really contain the ingredients they claim it has?

I mean, we're talking about an extremely potent stimulant. If you're getting, let's say, double the amount without knowing that can cause some nasty side effects.

Remember, nobody is checking or regulating the quality of these DMAA pre-workout supplements. We're all about using high stimulant products, but safety comes first.

We hope you can understand our perspective, and our team advises you to avoid and stay away from these dmaa pre-workout supplements. After all, the alternatives in this article come very close to the real deal.

The Side Effects Of DMAA Pre Workouts

Some find that using a dimethylamylamine pre-workout to boost workout performance can be beneficial. But there's also a lot of side effects you should know about before using them.

The main issue we've had with these products is the well-known ”crash” after the workout. You get a massive burst of energy, and working out goes smoothly, but then we become zombies once we've finished.

Other side effects of using a DMAA pre workout include nausea, headaches, increased blood pressure, and vomiting.

As we've told you before, this stuff is no joke and can cause severe side effects. This is why the SupplementsReviewer team recommends staying away from it and checking out the above alternatives instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does DMAA stay in your system?

According to research, it can still be detected after up to 105 hours after administration. That means it's still in your body after 4 to 5 days.

What does DMAA do?

We still don't exactly know how DMAA works but, it's said to increase noradrenaline. This causes a rush of energy, an increase in blood pressure, and breathing.

Is DMAA Banned?

Yes, it has been banned several years back, thus making it illegal in the US.

Is it safe to take a DMAA pre workout?

We can't tell you it's safe to take products containing dimethylamylamine because it's not. We advise checking out the alternatives instead.

The Bottom Line

We've shown you all there is to know about these DMAA pre-workout supplements.

There are still pre workout supplements containing 1,3 dimethylamylamine floating around on the market, even though the FDA has banned the stimulant.

That means the production of these products isn't being regulated, and as good as they might be for workout performance, we don't recommend using them. They carry too much risk, in our opinion.

But, for those of you that still want a quality product that gives you a significant energy boost, euphoria, pump, and more – we've shown you 5 great alternatives.

Check them out, give them a shot, and share your experiences with them in the comments.

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