Dark Labs Crack Pre-Workout Review: 120MG Of DMAA – Beware

As a team that is continuously searching for new pre-workouts to try, we've decided that our next pick would be one that packs more stimulants and power.

And that's how we've stumbled upon the Crack pre-workout by Dark Labs. It's said to be a heavy hitter as it contains the well-known stimulant called DMAA.

We've managed to try a few servings of Dark Lab's Crack, and after having used it three times, we're ready to share our thoughts and experience on this product.

Is this product going to hit the spot, or is it simply too much?

There's only one way you'll find out – let's begin.

Introducing Crack by Dark Labs


For today's review, we're going to be looking at Crack. The name sounds pretty hefty, and that's for a reason; it's a DMAA pre-workout.

DMAA or 1,3-dimethylamylamine is a stimulant banned by the FDA several years ago, meaning it's not supposed to be in a supplement.

The reason they took it off the market is that it's very potent stuff. If you're not used to taking it, it can hit in very hard and cause adverse effects.

Crack pre workout review

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But that doesn't stop manufacturers like Dark Labs from adding it to their products. Other products contain it as well, such as Dark Energy and 1'3 Volt.

I remember using these kinds of pre's back when they were still legally available. They were no joke and could drastically improve your energy and workout intensity.

It's the reason why we decided to give this product a try. Let's move onto our experience with this supplement and if it's worth picking up.

Tip: if you're looking to gain size, strength and improve your performance, try adding an intra workout or BCAA supplement to your routine.

Our Experience With Crack Pre-Workout

Now obviously, you're here for what happened once we tried Crack. Let me start by saying that this supplement should be approached with caution. 

In total, we've managed to try the Crack pre-workout on three different occasions. By using a product a few times, we're able to get a more accurate idea of the positive and negative effects rather than when you try it just once.

I won't share each experience separately but instead, provide you with our thoughts on 1-scoop and 2-scoops.

Dark Labs Crack Ingredients

The label shows the breakdown of ingredients for one scoop and two scoops. For our first try, we both did one scoop of Crack.

Let's go over our experiences.

Effects From 1 Scoop Of Crack

One scoop doesn't pack a whole lot of ingredients. When you compare it to some of the more popular pre-workouts, it's actually pretty weak when you leave out the DMAA.

So after you down a scoop of this, it takes about 20ish minutes to start working. Pretty much the same as a regular pre-workout, so nothing special.

We've got a relatively high tolerance to these kinds of supplements and didn't really feel much from one scoop. We could notice a slight increase in energy and focus, but that was it.

So one scoop definitely didn't do the job, and for our next session, we moved on to two scoops.

Effects From 2 Scoops Of Crack

Since one scoop didn't impress us very much, we had high hopes when trying two. Again, we took it about 30 minutes before our workout.

We noticed a good energy rush, mainly because there's also a lot of caffeine in there (400mg). The Beta-Alanine itchy feeling was there, and we did get a lot better pumps at two scoops.

As for focus, we can't really comment on it as we felt no changes in cognitive functions at all. After the workout, both of us had quite the crash and fatigue. I think this is attributed to the large number of stimulants found in Crack.

Despite containing 120mg of DMAA per two scoops, we weren't overwhelmed by it. There was maybe some more energy than your average pre, but we didn't feel like it was all that.

This leaves me wondering if there's actually 120mg of DMAA in there or if it's a lot less. I've heard people speculate about this before, but we'll probably never know for sure.

Crack Pre-Workout Price & Flavors

First, let's talk about the price of this product.

On the official Dark Labs site, Crack goes for $59.00 per tub. That's nearly 60 bucks for a pre-workout, which we find to be quite overpriced for what you're getting.

The tub says 40 servings, but if you're an experienced user, you'll most likely need two scoops at a time. That means you're only looking at 20 servings of Crack pre-workout at 60 bucks.

That would come down to nearly $3/serving, which is the highest we've seen. We find it too much, but of course, it's up to you, and this is just our personal opinion.

Moving on to the flavor. 

We've only tried the Tropical Punch, and it was actually better than we expected, so that's a plus.

It's also available in two other flavors, which are Dark Berry and Orange. If you're not a Tropical Punch guy or girl, then there are other options out there for you.

Should You Buy Crack?

With everything taken into consideration, we've concluded that Crack by Dark Labs isn't for us. Despite being promoted as a hard-hitting DMAA pre-workout, we felt that it didn't live up to the hype.

We experienced the effects as average and didn't find that the DMAA hit us very hard.

So for those wondering if we would go out and try Crack again, the answer is no.

And for $60 per bottle, it's one of the most expensive pre-workout supplements we've come across.

But, just because we didn't like it doesn't mean you shouldn't try it.

If you want to learn more about which products we swear by, check out our top 10 pre-workout supplements of 2021.

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