Chemix Releases New & Exciting Chemix Energy Formula

Those of you that have heard of Chemix will know that the company doesn't play around when it comes to product formulation.

The Guerrilla Chemist has come out with a new and exciting energy formula by the name of Chemix Energy. Here's a picture of the new bottle, which looks great in my opinion.

Chemix Energy

Of course, the name says it all. It has been developed to give its users long-lasting energy, but it's also great for boosting mental focus and clarity.

We've only just recently seen the formula, and it's pretty hefty. Check out the image below, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

As you can see, there are many stimulants in this formula at extreme dosages to get things going. For example, we see Hordenine in there at 150mg per serving which is way above average.

There are also two different types of caffeine, Anhydrous and Citrate. It holds roughly 230mg of caffeine in a serving, which is a moderate dosage.

But it's paired with a lot of other potent compounds, meaning you're in for a ride with this product.

As a fan of stimulants and nootropics, I will definitely be giving this a go shortly and provide you with an in-depth review of Chemix Energy.

You can find this product for sale on the official Chemix website at $54.99 per bottle. The bottle holds 30 servings, making the price very reasonable for the wide variety of ingredients you are getting.

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