Blackstone Labs Gear Support Review: Does It Actually Work?

Today we will review Gear Support, which is an on-cycle support supplement designed to protect your organs. 

Cycle support supplements are very popular amongst bodybuilders. Most professional bodybuilders need to use anabolic compounds to get the muscle size and body fat they need to compete on a professional level.

These compounds can be toxic for your body and can result in high blood pressure, liver and kidney damage, or gynecomastia.

Gear Support is a supplement that tries to combat these adverse effects. However, how effective is this supplement, and does it really have the potential to protect your organs?

What is Gear Support?


Gear Support is a supplement designed by Blackstone Labs which helps you with protecting your organs while on an anabolic steroid cycle. 

They claim that Gear Support could also help with maintaining a healthy liver and organ functions. It could also potentially support a healthy lipid profile and has a prostate support formula included.

Blackstone Labs Gear Support Review

This supplement is designed for steroid users that are either using oral or injectable steroids. It's known that these anabolics can cause severe side-effects like high blood pressure, gynecomastia, liver and kidney damage, and more.

That's why these on cycle support supplements are designed to combat the side-effects.

Gear Support contains a blend of herb, fruit, and plant extracts that all have a positive influence on the health of your body.

A bottle of Gear Support costs $39,99 and has 45 servings. Which makes it $0.88 per serving.

Gear Support Formula & Ingredients

Let's take a closer look at the formula that is included in Gear Support. 

They included a total of 6 key-ingredients, with a serving size of 2 capsules and 45 servings per container. 

NAC – 400mg

NAC stands for N-Acetyl-Cysteine and is a naturally occurring amino acid. Your body typically gets cysteine from high protein foods like meat and dairy. 

However, NAC is a more advanced version of regular cysteine.

It's a potent antioxidant that can help to clear your body from any toxins. It could help with the detoxification of any liver or kidney damage.

They included 400mg in this formula, which is way lower what is recommended. A dosage between 600-1800 a day is recommended.

Hawthorne Flower Extract – 300mg

Hawthorne berry is known for its powerful antioxidants effects. It could possibly help with lowering blood pressure, which you see a lot in AAS users.

It's also very beneficial for your heart; researchers found out that people who took hawthorn berry showed less shortness of breath and heart palpitations

Saw Palmetto – 200mg

Saw Palmetto has some exciting benefits. It could be helpful against Hair Loss by lowering DHT levels in men.

It could also help improve prostate health and hormone levels by increasing the natural testosterone levels.

Red Clover – 100mg

This plant extract could be beneficial for bad cholesterol and could help with getting an optimal lipid panel.

Celery Extract – 75mg

Also, an antioxidant which could possibly help with improving blood sugar level as well.

Grape Seed Extract – 75mg

Grape Seed Extract has many health benefits. It's known that it can help with reducing blood pressure and also protect the kidneys and liver.

However, the recommended dosage is at least 100mg, and in a study, they used 300mg to lower blood pressure.

Gear Support Ingredients

The formula could be more stacked in either dosages and ingredients. It's missing some key ingredients like TUDCA and Milk Thistle, in our opinion.

They are also using dosages that are either on the low end or just way to low to get the full effects.

We have reviewed many different Blackstone Labs products, and most of them are pretty stacked, so it's a shame to see that they haven't made Gear Support the same.

Gear Support Vs. DEFEND

Defend by Huge Nutrition is the most known on cycle support with a very stacked formula. 

So, how does Gear Support compare to Defend in terms of effectiveness?

They both contain NAC, Saw Palmetto, Red clover, and Hawthorn Berry. However, defend has way higher dosages added.

For example, Defend contains 600mg NAC, and 250mg Saw Palmetto and Gear Support respectfully 400mg and 200mg. 

TUDCA and Milk Thistle are both very well known as KEY ingredients in a cycle support supplement, and both are missing in Gear Support.

Defend merely is superior in terms of effectiveness. 

However, Gear Support is 10 dollars cheaper and has enough for 1,5 months compared to Defend, which costs $50 and a 1 month supply.

The Bottom Line

Gear Support is a cycle support supplement by Blackstone Labs and contains 6 key ingredients.

The ingredients added are all very beneficial for ‘gear' users and could possibly help with lowering blood pressure and keeping your organs healthy.

It's a relatively simple formula, and compared to some other cycle supports; it's not that great.

We would recommend using a product like Defend because it's simply the best in terms of protecting your organs.

Also check out our Blackstone labs anogenin review.

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