Alpha Lion Superhuman Review: Should You Try 1 Scoop Or Not?

SupplementsReviewer is continuously looking for new products to try, and a while ago, we managed to get ourselves a bottle of the Alpha Lion Superhuman pre-workout.

We've taken a few scoops, and we're ready to present you with our review of this product.

Want to know what the SupplementsReviewer team thinks about Superhuman? Make sure to keep reading.

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Our Experience With Alpha Lion Superhuman


We always test pre-workout supplements several times before sharing our honest experience with a product. That's exactly what we've done with Superhuman, and we've tried it probably four to five times at both one and two-scoop servings.

As stim junkies, we did not really feel anything from one scoop of this pre. This product doesn't really have any stimulants in it or power to get you going except for caffeine, and one scoop contains roughly 200mg, which isn't that much.

Alpha lion superhuman hulk juice review

After giving the one scoop a shot, we went straight to two full scoops for our next attempt. You're getting double the ingredients when taking two full scoops, which is quite a game-changer from our experience.

Taking alpha lion superhuman at two scoops was a massive improvement, as that's when we noticed the effects. We really enjoyed the pumps and endurance from this pre-workout.

We found that it's not as good for energy, but more of a product that focuses on a pump, endurance, and some focus.

The only downside to taking two scoops is that you'll go through your bottle fast, and it gets expensive.

With that said, we think that it's a good product and we will be using it again soon. For now, we'll be sticking to our top 10 pre-workout supplements.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Ingredients

If you've read about us, you'll know that we care the most about ingredients and dosages – two significant factors.

This is why we will go over the ingredients found in Alpha Lion's Superhuman pre-workout to check if it's any good.

Check out the ingredient panel below.

Alpha Lion Superhuman ingredients

The first thing to point out is that there are two ways to take this product: taking one or two scoops. They show both amounts of ingredients for both the one and two scoops.

One scoop comes down to 9.1 grams per serving, and two scoops come down to 18.2 grams per serving. The tub consists of 42 servings at one scoop and 21 servings at two scoops.

Compared to most products we've tried, 9 grams per scoop isn't that much and definitely on the lower end. As you've probably read earlier in this article, one scoop didn't do much for us, and it's perhaps because of the low dosages.

The alpha lion superhuman pre-workout contains many key ingredients that'll help you boost your workout performance. As you can see in the ingredient panel, there are some exclusive ingredients in there, such as S7 and Nitrosigine.

We think it's a pretty solid formula, but, from our experience, you're definitely going to need two scoops if you want a proper workout.

Flavor & Pricing

Before we finish off this review, we still have to look at this product's pricing and flavors.

For our review, we went with Alpha lion superhuman hulk juice, which was pretty decent – nothing special. No issues with chugging it down before my workouts.

It's also available in a few other flavors such as unicorn juice, kandy kryptonite, and liberty juice.

As for the pricing of Alpha lion's Superhuman pre-workout, it's expensive if you're using two scoops per serving like us.

A bottle with 21 servings (2 scoops) costs $42.99 on popular websites such as That's going to be roughly $2,05 per scoop. On the other hand, you're getting a stacked product.

Our top 10 pre-workout supplements list contains even more stacked products at better prices; make sure to check it out.

The Final Verdict

It's been a while since we've reviewed a new pre-workout, so we enjoyed trying Alpha Lion Superhuman.

It's a good product with a significant serving size, but our experience shows us that two scoops are necessary. New users might be able to get away with just using one scoop – you'll have to assess your tolerance.

It's relatively expensive, and you're probably able to get an even more stacked product for less, but that's up to you.

If you have tried Superhuman by Alpha lion, let us known down in the comments!

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