4-Andro Reviews: How To Use It, Benefits, Results & More!

Reaching your physique goals can often take longer than you'd like it to take. You've probably already gone through your fair share of muscle-building supplements, and now, you're looking for something stronger.

You are wondering if 4-Andro is the compound you've been searching for, something that can help you take performance to the next level.

In today's article, we're going to show you everything you need to know about this legal and popular prohormone.

We've actually used it for a cycle, and the results are not what we expected. Make sure to keep reading to find out if it's worth your time.

What Is 4 Andro?


4-Androsterone, or known to many as 4-Andro or 4-DHEA, is a chemical that we consider to be a prohormone. You'll find that many companies are selling it, but there's one issue.

You need to have a product that uses liposomal delivery technology because otherwise, your body will absorb a minimal amount of 4-Andro, resulting in zero effects.

4 Andro reviews

This compound has become popular among athletes because it's said to offer a wide variety of benefits. Some of those benefits are said to include enhanced muscle growth, increased recovery, and more power.

The reason where 4-Andro differentiates from other prohormones is that it's unmethylated, meaning there is no liver toxicity. It's also relatively mild compared to the other compounds.

So you won't have to worry about using an on cycle support because that won't be necessary. You will have to use a post cycle therapy after a cycle, but we'll get to that later.

In our review, we'll share our experience using this supplement and what you can expect from it.

Why Do People Use 4-Andro?

The main reason bodybuilders and other athletes have started using 4-Andro is because it's said to be a somewhat mild yet effective prohormone.

Most people are just looking for that slight increase in muscle, a several lbs of lean mass – nothing crazy. Which means they don't want to turn to banned performance-enhancers and want to stick to something mild.

It's also worth adding that it's one of the very few legal prohormones still available.

4-andro results

We've done our research on this product, and it seems that its said to be effective for gaining muscle, enhancing recovery and even boosting strength.

As somebody that has tried a lot of different prohormones and other muscle-building supplements, we're always quite skeptical of these newer products.

But because had our doubts about this compound, which is why we've ran one cycle of 4-Androsterone to see if it has any potential.

I mean, what's there to lose right? 

Keep reading to find out what we think about 4-Andro and if you should consider giving it a shot.

Our 4-Andro Cycle and Dosage Info

It’s essential to pay attention to dosage and cycle length when taking 4-Andro or any other supplement for that matter.

Our cycle ended up lasting for 6 weeks at a dosage of 300mg per day. During these 6 weeks, we've managed to pack on about 5-6lbs of mass. Not all of it was clean and there was some water retention.

For beginners it's recommended to start with a dose of just 100 to 200mg per day for maybe 6 to 8 weeks. If you don't feel much on 100mg per day, you can move up to 200mg and see how that goes.

Intermediate to advanced users, such as experienced powerlifters and bodybuilders, can get away with an increased dosage of 300 to 400mg per day for about eight weeks.

It’s crucial to follow these guidelines strictly, or else you could cross the line to where taking it becomes a liability instead of a benefit. You don't want to take too much because the testosterone suppression can become quite high.

If you're going to take 4-Andro, make sure to stay consistent with your dosage timing. By that I mean that you should take the dosage consistently every day to maintain stable levels.

It’s also important to pay attention to your blood pressure levels as well when taking 4-Androsterone because it does affect your blood pressure, and your goal should be to keep things balanced.

To avoid water weight when cycling with 4-Andro make sure to track your sodium intake and drink plenty of water.

Does 4-Andro Require PCT?

Yes, 4-Andro suppresses your body's hormone levels meaning you will require a post cycle therapy (PCT).

The best product for post cycle therapy in this case would be Rebirth PCT by Huge Nutrition. It contains a wide variety of ingredients that will help you bring back your natural hormone production.

By bringing your hormones back up rapidly, you'll also be able to hold onto the gains and strength you've made from the 4-Andro cycle.

Every cycle should be followed up with at least a 4-week post cycle therapy with Rebirth PCT. If you don't use a proper post cycle therapy, you could take months for your hormones to get back up.

So please make sure to that this part as serious as the actual cycle it self, or you'll take a lot longer to recover.

We've also recently tried Epiandrosterone, a newer type of prohormone.

4-Andro Side Effects

Although it's said to be a mild prohormone, 4-Andro does come with several adverse side effects.

Even though they're no drastic side effects, they still should be taken very seriously.

The main side effects include hormone suppression, water retention and gyno.

We highly recommend you take an estrogen inhibitor along with 4-Andro to maximize your results and avoid bloating and other similar side effects.

Rebirth also contains Arimistane which is a potent aromatase inihibtor. 

It's also safe to stack with other supplements. During a cut, it's a good idea to stack it with a fat burner to maximize fat loss.

Using A 1 Andro 4 Andro Stack

You've probably seen people that use a 1 Andro 4 Andro stack to help them experience faster gains and results. They're pretty similar compounds; the only real difference is that 1-Andro doesn't have any water retention whereas 4-Andro does.

Stacking is optional, but it's not really recommended. Many people think it's going to drastically enhance results but the opinions on this are mixed.

The problem is, is that your taking two suppressive compounds at the same time. This might be a good idea for experienced users that know what they're doing, but for new users we advise against stacking.

If you're new to these prohormones, try starting with just one compound to see how you react. Or even better, check out Sapogenix and gain even more size.

Do We Recommend 4-Andro?

We've tried plenty of muscle-building supplements, and when it comes to 4-Andro, we think it's a decent product. Yes, it does help build muscle and strength, but it's quite expensive, plus it comes with side effects.

For a good-quality product with liposomal delivery technology, you're easily looking at $100 per bottle. For a cycle, you're going to need about 2 to 3 bottles plus your post cycle therapy.

Count it all up, and you're looking at a few hundred bucks for a cycle of 4-Andro. I'm not saying you shouldn't use it, but many other options on the market are probably as effective and cost less.

We've started using a different plant hormone called Sapogenix and managed to gain up to 10lbs from an 8-week cycle. So make sure to check out the other alternatives and read our Sapogenix review.


4-Andro is one of the few legal prohormones still around. We've tested it by running a full cycle and have gotten decent results.

It's pretty mild but still suppresses natural testosterone, meaning a post cycle therapy is inevitable. Make sure to do your research if you're set on using it.

It's far from a magic pill, and you'll still have to eat and train heavy to get the desired results. We've had better results with Sapogenix, a new and potent combination of plant hormones.

Have you used 4-Androsterone yourself? Let us know how your cycle went and what results you've gotten from it.

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