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Top Secret Pump Igniter Review


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Date: September 10, 2013

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Top Secret Nutrition is a new one to me. I always like trying something new and hopefully something new that I will like or blow me away. With Top Secrets lineup, I am pretty sure they will rise up as a well known supp company soon enough. Quality and attention to the right blends seems to be a focus for them, and that always pays off. 

Pre-workout drinks is a HUGE market, probably the biggest in sports nutrition. Any new company on the block that I speak to I always tell them not to do a pre-workout unless you have something to offer, or you will sink. If I spoke to Top Secret before they made a pre-workout, it would have been my mistake. Pump Igniter is a pre-workout with the things we all know works, but has a few things that pop out to me and made my workouts… fun and enjoyable.

I have been on a Top Secret only binge with pump igniter, natural T, and 100% whey protein. The summer times in southern california are rough, training in 100-115 degree weather is hard. During more summers I drop a lot of mass, it’s tough to train fully, tough to keep in calories(protein), hard to stay focused. While on the Top Secret binge I have not lost the mass I normally would, and actually put on some nice muscle size. Now on to what you came for, Pump Igniter.


I have been drinking the cherry limeade. I didn’t want it, but was my only choice. It is not as bad as I thought. Most cherry limeade pre-workouts are like syrup. The serving size is very small so there isn’t any over powering flavor, not much flavor at all, but just a taste of sweet. I rather drink dull than syrup any day. 


Bazinga! Pump Igniter got my motor running everytime. On days where I was dragging a$$ and would normally skip a workout, pump igniter got me up and going and ready to go to town. It’s amazing, the energy it packs in that little scoop. Usually after testing something I would move on to the next product, but during the hot summer where I get lazy and tired, I am probably going to be spending a lot of time with pump igniter. My routine has not skipped a beat where I would usually fall off.


Another plus of pump igniter. I credit it to the L:dopa, which a lot of pre-workouts dont use, and I often looked at as a great compliment to most workouts. It provides better focus, makes you feel happy/good, helps HGH, and some studies show slight testosterone support. it is one of the things I like best about Pump Igniter is that good focus it brings.


The pump takes a little time to kick in. I usually got the best pumps when putting in a little more effort in my warm up. Some hard resistance training or more core reps when warming up. Thats when it brought the pump alive and had a good pump feeling throughout the whole workout. 


I like it. I really do. small dosage that packs a punch. I like that it doesn’t have creatine (as far as I can tell). pre-workouts with creatine in this heat dry me out like crazy. So it has a lot of upside. It’s a suped up enrgy explosion that can help you get up and moving. should be called “motivation igniter”, because man, I am doing 2-3 hour workouts on a 5 on 1 off schedule. There has been no slow down for me, and this is exactly what I needed.

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