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Date: September 10, 2013

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Like I said in my pump igniter review, I have been on a all Top Secret Nutrition binge. Natural T was part of this binge. Natural-T has some usual ingredients that you come across and some that I’m not sure of or know if I’ve had before. But that’s ok, I’m up for something new, specially in the T boosters, which you never know what will work for you and what wont.

Natural-T review:

Testosterone boosters are usually very easy to review, they either work or don’t. And Natural-T worked for me, when I adjusted to dosage to fit someone like me. I’m an avid supplementer, so the 2 pills just weren’t cutting it for me. So I went with the 2nd dosage option of 4 pills a day. 

After a little thought, I decided to take 2 pre-workout and 2 before bed. This is usually one of the better dosage times for T-boosters for me. Testosterone is highest in the morning and declines throughout the day, to the lowest at night. So why not a lil support when it’s at it’s lowest? I thought so.

Before I got Natural-T I pretty much was hitting a wall. No motivation, want, will, drive and so on. Whatever sucked, I had it. That’s usually what happens after testing all these crazy products, specially D-AA overload for too long. My body was done, it wanted nothing to do with working out, working, life, just sleep. Was tough. How can I go around reviewing sports supplements when I can’t even train or do my sports!? Then Natural-T came into my life. like I said I found the proper dosing for myself, and after about a week I was feeling alert and had that drive back. It is pretty normal for a T-booster to take a week or so to kick in, specially at a lower 2 pill dosage. I rolled with the punches in hopes It would kick in and get me going. After around 5 days, the 4 pill dosage was working for me and I was training every day, out on my feet and getting things done. On top of that, I would say my muscles are harder and fuller right now, more than usual. 

Usually I would break-down ingredients and what is what and why for you guys, but this stuff just works, and that’s all I really care about right now. I am still on the same cycle, will probably take a few days off and back on it. When you are on a T-booster you want to take a small break somewhere or the goodness will come less intense or stop working overall. So find your dosage and cycle that will work best for you, and this stuff should do the trick. 

For the average person the 2 pill dosage should work, and for around $34 to have a T-booster last around 2 months, is unheard of. It should be a great deal to anyone looking to try a T-booster or for hardcore supplementers to go on a heavy 4 pill dose.

Give it a try, and shoot me an email letting me know how it went for you.


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