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Niwali Advanced TestoBoost Review


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Date: December 26, 2013

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Niwali TestoBoost Overview

With the hundreds of different testosterone boosters currently on the market right now, it can be overwhelming to choose between them all. Niwali TestoBoost is one of the hottest new products to hit the scene and is receiving quite a bit of attention for all the benefits it claims to offer.

Said to help naturally boost your testosterone levels using a unique formula that stimulates your normal release, this product claims to help produce growth rates unparalleled to anything else.

But how does it really stack up? Are the ingredients as powerful as they claim?

Let’s take a look.

Niwali TestoBoost Ingredients And How They Work

The primary ingredient found in this product is Tongkat Ali, which comes from the plant Eurycoma Longifolia. This ingredient is not seen in many other testosterone boosters on the market, so that does help to set it apart from others you may have read about.

This particular ingredient has been scientifically proven to help assist with boosting sperm count and increasing your overall libido level, so you will see some benefits in that regard.

But, when looking at the science behind whether this ingredient actually helps to stimulate a greater testosterone release, we see that it sadly does start to fall short.

On its own, it doesn’t appear to give all that remarkable of muscle building benefits, so in terms of workout support, it doesn’t have much to offer.

Fortunately, a few other ingredients have been added. You’ll also get the amino acid L-Arginine, the herb tribulus terrestris, as well as Ginseng.

These have been better known to help enhance lean muscle gains, however the fact the supplement is a proprietary blend means you won’t know precisely how much of each of these ingredients you’re getting, so it may not actually be as beneficial as you’d hope.

If it doesn’t contain high enough dosages of each of these three additions, your gains won’t be anything too special to speak of either. Since there’s no way of knowing, you are pretty much just taking a chance with this product.


  • Does contain all natural ingredients
  • Some clinical research has been demonstrated to show the benefits the product claims – however more on the sexual enhancement capacity than the muscle boosting one
  • The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • Many users do report feeling more energized upon taking this product
  • Can help to boost muscle pumps in the gym due to the L-Arginine addition


  • Full ingredient listing with concentrations are not available
  • The full side effects have not been reported
  • May not assist with building up lean muscle mass as much as you would have hoped

Where To Buy

This testosterone booster is available directly from the products website. It is not available for purchase in stores like GNC, Walmart, or anywhere else.


All in all, this testosterone booster is one that can have some pretty powerful effects on your libido level and sexual function. If you are hoping to improve those two areas, you will be quite satisfied with the results that you see.

On the exercise front however, it may not provide as powerful of results as some of the other options that are available on the market, so it is a must that you do explore other products as well. The big downfall of this product is the fact that you don’t know how much of each ingredient you are getting, so unless they are provided in high dosages, you won’t see as strong of effects from the product.

With many people reporting more energy and muscle pumps however, you should still see improved workouts from using it.

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