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Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 Review


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Date: January 29, 2014

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Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 Overview

You heard it here first, guys. There’s a new muscle building combination being pushed all over social media, and it’s supposed to be what all the Hollywood superstars use to get their bodies “action-ready.” Stars like Mel Gibson, Gerard Butler, and Chris Hemsworth to name a few. And if you follow the links, you’ll find out exactly what this miracle muscle combo is and how you can get it.

The two products are Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1. Individually, they’re both solid supplements, designed to build muscle and melt fat. Stacked together, this powerhouse combo will have you melting off pounds of bodyfat while packing on bulging muscles, making you the envy of every guy in the gym.

Since I’m always suspicious of things that sound too good to be true, I started digging into these claims, and I’m ready to share what I found.

Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 5 ReviewWhat are Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1?

According to the “Advertorial” (cross between an advertisement and an editorial I guess) in Men’s Life & Health (a knock off of Men’s Health magazine), there are many benefits to be had from each of these supplements.

Formula T10 is the “Hemo-Dilator” of the two. This means that it expands blood vessels, allowing you all the benefits of extreme muscle building without any of the drawbacks of steroids:

  • Enhanced athletic performance.
  • More nutrients and oxygen delivered to muscles.
  • More muscle size and definition.
  • Improved sexual performance.

Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 Review 1Prolexin IGF-1 is the fat burner and detoxifier that gets you ripped and shredded. It will:

  • Boost your metabolism for more calories burned.
  • Fight free radical muscle damage with antioxidants more powerful than blueberries and pomegranates.
  • Increase energy.
  • Reduce bloating.
  • Detoxify your colon.
  • Give your muscles definition and shape.

How To Take Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1

The recommended Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 stack has you taking 1 Formula T10 pill each morning and 1 Prolexin IGF-1 spray in the evening. Follow this protocol and you’ll see results typically in the range of 7 pounds of fat loss and 15 pounds of muscle gain.

Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 Free Trials

Both of these products are available through free trial offers found on the internet. In fact, you can link to these offers straight from the article touting their benefits. The setup for each is pretty much the same, though the prices are slightly different. In each case, you sign up for a free trial where you pay only shipping and receive a month’s supply. If you like the results you’re getting, do nothing and on the 14th day after placing your order, you’ll be charged for the trial bottle. You’ll also be signed up for auto-delivery where you’ll receive and be charged for a new bottle each month. For Formula T10, the price is $79.97 per month. For Prolexin IGF-1, it’s $87.53. Together, that’s a monthly commitment of $167.50 for this bodybuilding combo. Perhaps this is why they’re pushing this stuff so hard.

Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 Review 4

The Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 Scam

Up till now, we’ve been taking our information from the “article” claiming that Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 is a miracle supplement combination that will have you shredding and building mass to an extreme extent all at the same time. Now, we’re going to shift gears and get to the actual truth of the matter.

What Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 Really Are

If you go to the websites of the two products individually, you get a distinctly different idea of what they are made to do for you.

The official product website for Formula T10 clearly states not that it’s a vasodilator (nitric oxide supplement), but a testosterone booster. While vasodilators use increased nitric oxide to open up blood vessels for greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to hard-working muscles, testosterone boosters, like Formula T10, increase the body’s natural production of testosterone, which has a number of benefits including increased muscle mass, improved fat loss, and increased libido.

The official website for Prolexin IGF-1 makes it clear that this product is an HGH releaser, not a fat burner/detoxifier. HGH releasers increase the body’s natural secretion of HGH, or Human Growth Hormone. This has a number of benefits like increased energy, better muscle growth and some anti-aging factors as well.

This doesn’t make any sense. How could an article promoting two products get things so completely wrong? Well, the answer is that this article wasn’t actually written about Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1. If you looked at this article 2 months ago, it would be the same exact text except that it would be talking about two different products, not Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1. If you look at the article 2 months from now, you’ll likely see it referencing two other products completely. This exact article is used to promote several different combinations of products, and it has literally no relevance to the actual products it mentions.

Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 – The Bottom Line

It’s utterly clear that the push to sell Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1 together is random and just an attempt to get you to sign on to $167.50 worth of monthly, repeating charges. It simply has nothing to do with any actual details or benefits related to these products. But that still leaves the question of whether or not you should use one of both of these products.

Here’s my answer for that. You may be able to benefit from using Formula T10 or Prolexin IGF-1. It’s hard to tell since neither product is willing to divulge its ingredients. Personally, I would stay away from both Formula T10 and Prolexin IGF-1. If they have to resort to such shady marketing pitches as a fake article that totally misrepresents their product, they must not have anything real going for them.

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