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Date: September 26, 2013

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The highest hopes always crash down the hardest. I have been looking forward to this protein, in hopes of Muscle Pharms high quality with hopefully a better tasting protein. I was wrong.


As always I went with Vanilla. It tastes like I mixed some coffeemate French Vanilla powder into a cup of water … or just drinking the coffeemate french vanilla cream. Just way too artificial, sweet, and not much like Vanilla. This is not an accomplishment in the flavor category in my book. I drink protein after my workouts and want something that doesn’t taste so much like cream that goes into coffee to make it not taste so horrible.


Well the price is just downright amazing, I will say that. 28 servings for $25? That is not seen much from a high quality product and name like MP.


It mixes well and sorta looks like it melts into the cold water, which is a sign of high quality powder and agents.


After trying this I think I want to make a request. The amount of sucralose (sweetner) and other sweetners should be listed in the label. Also the types and amounts of artificial flavors, that just makes too much sense. The taste is chemically and artificial which is way too similar to Combat Powder. I was hoping for something maybe just a little closer to actual vanilla flavor, instead I got coffee creamer. I would hope someone on the testing panel would have at least some life experience to understand what something should taste like. MP tasting panel, go try some coffeemate french vanilla creamer… that’s not a flavor to model protein after. Now go eat vanilla ice cream with real vanilla bean, let me know which one is more enjoyable. You would think a company at their level and quality would put out something that doesn’t taste like I’m drinking a DuPont factory.

The quality and price are no question, it is a down right affordable high quality product. Taste is always highly based on preference, but this time I just think I expected more from this product.

Follow up:

This is a follow up to my review. I kept trying out Arnolds Iron Whey to give it a shot, the flavor is still not for me. But, like I said, I drink protein after my workouts and usually before bed as well. Since using Iron Whey I have been sore and stiff in the mornings after my workouts. I do the protein/carbs/vitamins thing just so I wont be sore and stiff, and this protein doesn’t give me that recovery I’m used to in other products, including the recovery with Combat Powder.

Not trying to bash the product or MP, just I really expect more from an awesome company like them.

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